What we mostly admire of newly born band hailing from the Brazilian city of Recife, Hóspedes da Rua Rosa (comprised of Johnny de Sousa, Talita Cordeiro, Victor T. Sales and Vinícius Marçal), is their effortless ability to combine latin rock, and in particular ‘brega‘ with modern indie rock mainly influenced by artists like The Strokes & Interpol and unleash their own unique sonic blend & and super catchy melodies. Among their most stunning examples of their artistry is Volta, Volta…, an integral part of their debut album Eu tô muito é pior, which will make the listener feel comfortable right from the start and absolutely absorbed by the genuine balance between the expressive vocals and the rich arrangement. It’s an ear-candy that will make you smile, get emotional, dance and dream along with your beloved company.

The song is accompanied by a colourful visualizer directed by Pietra Couto.