After 2009 ’s debut with the EP ‘The First Moon‘, the first full-length of 2012 ‘Colors‘ and the second of 2104 ‘Elements‘, the fourth work of the Two MoonsCognitive Dissonance‘ is out.

The 4th of February, 2017 – will see the release of the CD/vinyl in major online music stores ”Cognitive Dissonance”, the new Two Moons album, band based in Bologna, the Two Moons reappear after 2 years, with an album which aims high. ”Cognitive Dissonance”, from the title and the cover of Pier Paolo Calzolari (artist of the greatest exponents of Arte Povera), who points on the current conditions of contemporary man, enslaved by images, videos and various other forms of technological mediation that disorient the cognitive abilities and make our lives more and more confused.

A stable succession of dystopian dreams and nightmares which reveal, as a result, the inevitable loss of disarming freedom of choice. A stinging and “rough” album,  decadent, but also hypnotic, almost mystical, dreamy cathartic. A journey in search of human nature. The texts have an instant message, direct, always leaving room for who listens subjective interpretations (prerogative of the Two Moons writings). The arrangement of all the tracks is solved almost entirely in a dense, relentless electronic sound which is a perfect accomplice of the mood of grim and introverted guitars. Certifying an attitude to a maximalist sound and detonater to “Vantablack” ferrous and moldable sounds of explosions. In the fourth work of Two Moons coming out on the 4th of February 2017 for Atmosphere Records you enter a pluri dimensional space from irrefutably roots of Wave, within which the synths fit to guitars dilated, creating geometric evocative sound but at the same time absolutely up to date. (if not futuristic). The Two Moons take us into their world: adverse, ruined, dark, where even a slight glow can bring hope, a world where even nightmares can transfigure, leaving room for light.

Two Moons is a musical project founded in 2009. Two souls in a band: the gloomy and introspective tied to the sounds of dark-wave of the eighties and the magnetic, shamanic solar of modern electronic sound. The band presents post industrial acidic   and visionary atmospheres, representations of a very fragile psychedelic pop imperious poetry lacking of individualism.