“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

A vision of our future dystopia is presented on ‘Slaves Of The Vast Machine‘, the new album from the Swedish misanthropic black metal duo Obitus. After their 2009 full-length ‘March Of The Drones‘ and an EP in 2014 , they return with their most solid album yet!

Slaves Of The Vast Machine‘ conveys human aimlessness and desperation amidst total social control with some brilliant icy riffs and dissonant tones. This is harsh progressive post-Black Metal that is relentless and chaotic from start to finish with some really solid tremolo-picking melodies, inexorable atmosphere, and a complete disregard for humanity.

This work is a single 45 minute track, a monolith without pause and as relentless as totalitarianism.

Co-released by Black Plague Records and Hypnotic Dirge Records on February 16, 2017.