1. Lana Del Rey – ‘Love

Back with a new mesmerizing track which will appear on the next record (whose date has not been revealed yet), Lana Del Rey signs with ‘Love a dreamy song, melancholic and very mesmerizing pop. She appears with flowers in her hair, with vintage atmosphere and a lot, lot of love. New track so to be discovered or to be listened again and again.

Julie Aras

  1. Ashtoreth – ‘Hyberna

Ashtoreth is a ritual ambient artist, known for his use of guitar-driven blackened drones, as well as an interesting use of the human voice. Since his emergence in the ambient world, Ashtoreth has self-released several albums. He has also collaborated with other artists, like on the long-form track ‘Shrine‘ with Ruairi O’Baoighill.

He now releases, ‘Morana‘, a solo venture on the Unexplained Sounds Group. The first track ‘Hyberna‘ gives us a more refined version of the Ashtoreth sound we’ve grown to know. This track, as well as the album as a whole, focuses on Morana, the Baltic and Slavic goddess of the death and rebirth of nature. Light a stick of your favorite incense, close your eyes, and sink deep into a trance-like state, you may just find the Goddess, Morana, is right there at your side.

Michael Barnett

  1. Ofeliadorme – ‘Alone With The Stars

We are living in a frenzied and globalised hyper-connected and super-technological world where everything is available with just a click of the mouse, but human relationships are dying out.

From this sour and mournful thought takes shape the mood of the amazing new single by Bologna-based Italian electronic/dream-wave three-piece Ofeliadorme, who are about to reach the third chapter, the Howie-B produced ‘Secret Fires’, of their ongoing suggestive and sophisticated sonic exploration.

Alone With The Stars’ is an ethereal darkly slow-build synth-led journey into the eerie dead of the night of the human life, a deep and melancholic sense of loss and isolation beautifully evoked through sensual and emotional vocal and haunting minimal synth textures.

Work, career, consumerism, speed, stress, fast love, exhibitionism… And at the end of day we were left with our vulnerability, fears and loneliness…hopelessly ’unconnected’ in a world that is falling apart.

Enjoy the seductive and lyrical black & white visuals, perfectly linked with the music, below directed by Fabio Paleari.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. New Today – ‘Anymore

22 Feb at night, the post-punk “ministers” New Today (this is Casuistry vs Two One Six in one) let out the second single ‘Anymore‘ from their upcoming ‘Better Than Death‘ LP, and you may listen to it on their Soundcloud page. It’s a lovely tune, based on bass and drums’ intense groove, driven by the keys like an old school one, and listen to the lyrics too! For all these, I share this song with you and as usual, listen loud ’cause it’ll make you dance!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. Dedekind Cut – ‘LiL Puffy Coat’

LiL Puffy Coat‘ is one of those killer tunes that arrive in the middle of nowhere to “destroy” you and take you in its noisy swirl…with no return. A broken piano, whispering lyrics, elliptical noisy soundscapes and a deadlock feeling beyond all. Dedekind Cut applies to the very few and he is at least captivating…

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Julie Aras, Michael Barnett,Fabrizio Lusso, Mike Dimitriou & Christos Doukakis