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The Great Wound is a band from Spain, formed in 2015 by Tristan Iñiguez (guitars, bass, keyboards) joined later by Ekaitz Garmendia (vocals, guitars). In 2016 they released their debut album ‘Voices of Regret’ via Erzsebet Records.

Tristan, what made you create The Great Wound and how did your collaboration with Ekaitz come up?

The creation of The Great Wound came after the split and end of my previous band called Darkness By Oath which lasted for 12 years. I didn’t have any ideas of creating any new bands, but after some time and then with Ekaitz joining and his contribution, we saw that it could be interesting going on with the project. In just one year we have achieved writing, recording and editing the album.

Your debut album is released by Erzsebet Records. If I’m not wrong, it’s a new Spanish label. First, are you satisfied with this association and second, is there a local support in order a band like you to see its album come true?

Actually, Erzsebet Records/Indar Productions is not a new label. They have been around years releasing albums, working mainly as distro in a worldwide basis. They also released the debut album from Darkness By Oath at least 11 years ago. The relationship is excellent, as we have known each other for a long time, and the deal for this album was agreed in just one afternoon along with some beers… hehehe.

Tell us a few words about the concept of ‘Voices Of Regret’. Judging from the great artwork, apart from the content, is it about life beyond planet earth but in an ominous way?

The cover, indeed shows the arrival of some alien beings to our planet. The child represents the loneliness of a planet which has been warned lots of times to stop harming itself. It’s already late, the ‘Voices Of Regret’ are in vain now. Speaking about the lyrics, we talk about the science of the universe, interstellar voyages, black holes, the dark matter, contact with beings in a science fiction way, what would happen, goverment manipulations, robotics or the Uncanny Valley effect.

What are your general influences, musical and lyrical?

Musically speaking, our main influences are the mid 90’s Scandinavian Black/Death. Bands like Dissection, Naglfar, Abyssos, Old Man’s Child…etc. About the lyric side, as I mentioned to you before, we are very into cosmos, science, science fiction… We take into account scientific facts related to the universe and we also free our minds and imagine about an extraterrestrial visit.

There are two instrumental tracks in the album. ‘Look Beyond What You See’ and ‘Temple Of Wrath’. They sound very cinematic. Tell us a few words about the production of these tracks.

Yeah. That’s exactly the idea that I wanted to achieve, getting a cinematic vibe, trying to get the listener into the music as if it would be the soundtrack of a film. In the end, what we try to transmit with the artwork, lyrics and the music is that, to feel, think and imagine things from a cinematic and fiction point of view, except in the lyrics where we talk about just science. We think that both instrumental songs have given it the spot of it.

Are you still working on previous projects, or new side-projects?

Nowadays, my two projects that I’m focused on are The Great Wound and the music I write for video game soundtracks and trailers that I’ve been working on for some years. At the moment there’s nothing else, but I’m really busy with that. On the other hand, Ekaitz has a Thrash/Death Metal band called Extinction in which he also plays guitar and sings. You should give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Checking on your background I realize you are quite experienced in the metal scene. What are your goals regarding The Great Wound?

Sincerely, we don’t have any special goal with The Great Wound. It’s been a while so we don’t expect anything too much  in that sense, just making the music that we like, trying not to spend too much money and hopefully make people enjoy  it. Both have been struggling in the music business for a long time, and by now we only seek joy. Luckily, we can do it actually. If the day ever comes that it doesn’t make us feel happy or if it demands too much effort, we would let it go.

Have you been on stage yet (as The Great Wound)? What are your plans on live shows and even tours?

Nope, we still haven’t played live. It’s not in our plans, unless the conditions and personal situation of both become suitable for it. Of course we would love to, but we would need to be sure that the effort would be worthwhile. Luckily we have previous experience on this, and we know what deserves to do or not. Actually we take more meditated decisions.


It is probably too soon to ask, but are there ideas or material for the next album?

Yes, it’s a bit early to speak about a next album. We always work as our body and mind demands us. Now it is time of ‘Voices Of Regret’ and to enjoy the work that has been done and to try and reach as many people as possible. We will have time to think in the future. There are ideas for a next album, about four songs and different ideas, very basic yet, but they will follow the tendency of this album, but in a more Black vibe than Death, much more Dissection/Naglfar if I can tell, and some Dark Funeral and Norwegian Black Metal influences. But as I said, that’s in the future and things can change.

Considering the difficult times we are living, on many levels, what are your experiences as artists? Does it affect your work?

Of course it affects and it makes it difficult. Nowadays it is almost impossible to run a band in a pro way. We would need a daily 8-10 hour work schedule. Hours that we don’t have available, as Ekaitz and I work pretty much in our actual jobs and it doesn’t allow us taking this to the next level. It’s more a hobby and a way of letting our musical anxieties flow, than an aspiration or goal. We just seek having fun together making the music we like, while drinking a couple of beers together.

What would you like to say to those who will get to know you through ‘Voices Of Regret’?

Tons of thanks for taking your time for TGW, and we encourage your readers to visit our Facebook, Bandcamp or YouTube sites and give us a chance by listening to us!!

Photo credits: Nahikari Lázaro

Mary Kalaitzidou