The Great Wound is a black/melodic death metal band from Mondragón (Basque country), which was formed in 2015. Its line-up consists of two members, who have quite a long history in the Spanish metal scene. The founder of The Great Wound, Tristán Iñiguez (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards), was a member of Darkness By Oath (2002-2014), another melodic death band which released a demo and four LPs. The second member is Ekaitz Garmendia (Vocals, Guitars), who has also participated in various projects, such as Extinction (2015, so far one full-length album).

This new band introduces itself with an album called ‘Voices Of Regret‘ (Erzsebet Records / Indar Productions). They have also released a single ‘Defiance Of Existence‘, the seventh track of the album, which denotes a very promising band. Some research through their -one might say- very interesting past projects, gives the feeling that these guys are truly professionals. It can be rightfully claimed that the two members of The Great Wound have joined forces for a more dynamic and mature sound.

The single ‘Defiance Of Existence‘ sounds a lot like Arch Enemy (Angela Gossow period) and this is definitely a positive feature (more on that when the album is released, of course). Blackened vocals and pure melodic death metal riffs compose the sound of this single. Hopefully, the upcoming album is as strong as the single. In addition, influenced by the album’s title and artistic cover, one would expect the lyrics to revolve around a specific concept. After all, The Great Wound official YouTube channel features a teaser of their album which, combined with the title, indicates that it refers to planet earth and the concept of existence in general. If the reader will allow a personal testimonial, I really feel excited it when a band – especially a metal band- puts similar issues on the table along with notable compositions.

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Mary Kalaitzidou