On the 11th April, super group The Eden House let out the first of a series of videos for their new ‘Songs For The Broken Ones‘ LP (out 19 May). The first is ‘Verdades (I Have Chosen You)‘ directed by E Gabriel Edvy, produced by Blackswitch Labs, and the lyrical concept is taken from an old Spanish love poem.

Why though a super group..? Well, how would you consider a collaborative team based on members from Fields Of The Nephilim (founding member Tony Pettitt-bass), Stephen Carey (former This Burning Effigy-gtr), Monica Richards (Faith And The Muse-lead vocals), Simon Rippin (Red Sun Revival-drums), Bob Loveday (Bob Geldof/Van Morrison-violin), and so many other “guests” in their course? The Eden House is a state-of the-art ethereal, dark rock band, their new official ‘Verdades (I Have Chosen You)‘ single is a striking, melodic and so utterly dancing song that until the official LP release, they once again, managed to put us in excitement! Here it is!

Mike Dimitriou