Ambient pop group Cigarettes After Sex have announced the release of their self-titled debut album, much to the delight of their online followers. CAS first gained attention worldwide with their song ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby‘, which is nearing on 51 million views on YouTube, back in 2012. Our first sampling of the self-titled LP, ‘K‘,  was released last November and will be the first track of the album, while our second teaser was debuted on BBC Radio 1 on the 20th of March in the form of ‘Apocalypse’. Featuring soothing vocals from singer Greg Gonzalez, the single is as sweet and hazy as any Cigarettes After Sex song with a gorgeous cadence and dreamy aftertaste. Check down below for the tracklisting of the album and listen to their glossy new single, along with other two aforementioned track, while you impatiently await their debut. ‘Cigarettes After Sex‘ will be released June 9th via Partisan Records.

Cigarettes After Sex‘ Tracklisting:

1. K.

2. Each Time You Fall In Love

3. Sunsetz

4. Apocalypse

5. Flash

6. Sweet

7. Opera House

8. Truly

9. John Wayne

10. Young & Dumb

Sarah Medeiros



Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby‘: