The eleventh studio Anathema‘s album ‘The Optimist‘ will be released on 9th June through Kscope. The recording began in winter of 2016 at Attica Audio in Ireland, and finished at Castle Of Doom Studios in Glasgow. It was produced by Tony Doogan and mastered at the Abbey Road Studios. ‘The Optimist‘ includes eleven tracks, and the band decided to share with us the sixth track called ‘Springfield‘ giving us a taste of the album.

Daniel Cavanagh explains the song choice: “Here we present the song ‘Springfield’, it’s actually the song that closed our unforgettable Wembley gig with Opeth and it seemed to be a track that just fell into place without much effort. It seemed to do itself. The song forms part of a narrative that runs through The Optimist album, it’s a narrative that begins where A Fine Day To Exit left off. The album is a journey. The songs are ambiguous. There is no right or wrong way to take them. Make of them what you will.”

Mary Kalaitzidou