Etimi Ena‘ (Ready One) is a woman holding a loaded suitcase and waiting for someone at the train station. All her life is hidden inside this suitcase. School year photos, journals of her erotic fantasies, clothes stained by the life she is trying to leave behind. In her eyes we can only see her future. ‘Etimi Dio‘ (Ready Two) is the man that this woman is waiting for at the station. Together they will leave with the first train to start something new. Only then their songs will be complete. When they will encounter one another.

Etimi Ena‘ is the new greek lyric album of The Boy. The release of ‘Etimi Dio‘ will follow a few months later.

Lyrics, Music, Male Voice, Piano: The Boy
Production, Instruments: Ktiria Ti Nihta
Female Voice: Despinis Trihromi
Mastered by John Christodoulatos Sweetspot Studios.
Artwork: Roleplay.

Etimi Ena‘ will be released on vinyl incl. cd and digital album on May 16th via Inner Ear.