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Garage Punk, Freakbeat and Psychedelic Rock have a tradition of over 50 years by now.  Legendary 60s bands like The Seeds, The Standells or The Music Machine, followed by paragons of the garage punk revival era in the 80s, like The Morlocks, The Chesterfield Kings or The Lyres, have influenced generations of musicians.

However, the music business today is everything but easy; digital technology and overflowing download portals are just two of the many factors that make it very hard for a band to be able to produce more than just one or two albums.

That brings us to a selection of current bands which I’m proud to be able to present.

Episode 1:


The Snails are a Garage Punk band from Athens, Greece formed in 2005.

Their powerful, unique style caught my attention. Νot only the bombastic cover version of the Mourning Reign‘s ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed‘, but also their own songs, like ‘Dancing With The Zombies‘ or ‘Heartbreaker‘ are 100% mind-blasting material.

The Snails’ line-up has undergone several changes since their formation. Currently, The Snails are:

Christos Fourlanis: lead vocals & rhythm guitar

Lambros Karkanopoulos: lead guitar & backing vocals

Anestis Epitropiadis: drums

Dimitris Moutsounas: bass

Kostas Melitis (Kostas “nothing but support” Mel): manager

Heartbreaker‘ is their first single. It was released in limited vinyl copies in June 2009 by Action Records. Their first album entitled ‘The Snails‘ was released by Action Records in May 2012 and Beluga Music (Sweden) released it again in vinyl in July 2014. The band are expected to release a second album before the summer of 2016.

The Snails have hit the stages of many festivals and venues around Greece with a lot of local bands. Some of their highlighted live (co-) appearances are the 5th Tripolis Rock Festival with Vibravoid and Drug Free Youth (2008), the 4th Athenaeum Cave with The Jaybirds (2008) and the Rodeo Club in Athens where, along with The Mogrellettes, they played with The Magnificent Brotherhood (2010). The Greece Gone Garage Festival at An Club in Athens where they appeared with Frantic V and Yesterday’s Thoughts (2010) is definitely worth mentioning and, last but not least, their Kyttaro club appearance in 2012 where they played with Baby Woodrose.
Finally, in June 2013, The Snails played in an underground Greek film called “Who Is This Telis Stefanis, Anyway?”.

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