I really thought I was daydreaming. Radiohead’s new song was just shared with the world. The video for ‘Daydreaming‘, as is the title of the new track, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, was wreaking havoc on YouTube and the social media in general before even a minute after its release had passed.

In the video, Thom Yorke is strolling around a series of random, mundane, interconnected locations while lamenting:  “Dreamers, they never learn“; “It’s too late, the damage is done”. All is leading up to a warm and cozy, but also ominous, scene in a cave, up a snowy slope, where he is lying by a fire just seeming content

Along with the video, Radiohead let us know when the new album is due: May 8th, people. Mark your calendar. Radiohead are not allowing us a moment of peace this week. And we are so excited they’re back!

Debbie Maliotaki