Earlier on 2nd September The Beauty Of Gemina released their new ‘Minor Sun’ album  and almost immediately after they hit the European road on tour, that will lead them to Death Disco club in Athens on 12th November. The band with the beautiful name and notable music (beloved among the gothic/darkwave fans) talked with us about important issues regarding their course so far, but also for the future. Many thanks to their manager, Natalie Vescoli for being so helpful, and now Mr. Michael Sele!

Hello Michael, how’s the ongoing tour so far, and the feedback for ‘Minor Sun’?

Michael Sele: We had a brilliant tour start in Germany, enthusiastic reactions and the whole feedback of our new production is just perfect. The new songs are live full of power and energy and the fans like them as much as we do.

..And sharing the stage with Saigon Blue Rain? How’s the experience?

Michael Sele: The chemistry between both bands, all the musicians and the crew is very good. Ophelia, Franck and Gilles from Saigon Blue Rain are playing a very good tour and they are open and motivated to get as much experiences as they can get.

What are you up to for your live performance at Death Disco club, downtown Athens on 12th November?

Michael Sele: We’re all looking forward to coming back to Athens and of course we hope that the venue will be packed and we’ll celebrate a great concert night together. We’ll perform our actual tour set list form the ‘Minor Sun’ tour. It’s a great mixture of new songs and old “hits” from the last 10 years of our career.

Almost 10 years in the scene and the band has gained dedicated fans, airplay, and some “classic” songs for the people involved in the genre to dance to so, what does success mean for you?

Michael Sele: It means a lot to me and to everyone who is part of this The Beauty Of Gemina adventure. The music scene is such a tough business today and you need fans and supporters who love your music from the bottom of their hearts and who also are pushing and keep you doing and living your dream.

Where is all that poisonous beauty coming from, regarding the lyrics and the killer melodies in your music?

Michael Sele: First, thank you for this great feedback. Honestly it’s not easy to talk about myself. Somehow there’s a kind of a creative engine in me and there are so many ideas in my head all the time. It pushes me to create, to sort new things out but I’m also a hard worker with a lot of discipline and very focused on my work.

What really hides in The Beauty Of Gemina, and where is that name is leading you?

Michael Sele: The name is an invention but behind is a real person, Gemina the muse of Plotinus the major Greek-speaking philosopher of the ancient world.

How would you define the band’s genre? Meaning that, your music is not arranged in the typical verse and chorus structure, not even as progressive or anything else alike… 

Michael Sele: This is very difficult cause in every genre we are a bit the outsiders. So, I don’t know. For me it’s a modern rock band playing a lot of minor chords fulfilled with melancholy and a few romantic aspects. But also full of power, energy, faith and an overwhelming lust for life. On the one hand a seductive memory of the eighties and on the other hand the challenge to transfer dark wave or gothic music into the digital age!

Minor Sun’ is the successor of the ‘Ghost Prayers’ (2014). Which are the differences between them, and how has the band artistically evolved in time?

Michael Sele: ‘Ghost Prayers’ had a more acoustic and intimate concept. On ‘Minor Sun’ I placed my typical guitar playing with a lot of effects, delays and a few more gadgets back into the center of the arranging. I worked with a few new sounds and instruments I did never use before like a Dobro guitar for example. In classical music, you could compare ‘Ghost Prayers’ with a chamber ensemble and ‘Minor Sun’ with big symphonic orchestra.

And which are the band’s future plans?

Michael Sele: On November 19th, we’ll play our home concert in Zurich in a great auditorium. We’ll film and produce our first DVD/BluRay of a full length TBOG rock show in this amazing location. It will be a very ambitious project, so we’re all quite nervous but I’m sure it’s the right moment now to do it.

Thank you very much for the interview, last words on you!

Michael Sele: Please come to see our new show at the Death Disco club and share our music and the vision of TBOG, so we don’t have to stop one day.

Photo credits: Roland Korner

Mike Dimitriou