The Beauty Of Gemina

The band from Switzerland, The Beauty Of Gemina, with the beautiful name and songs, announced that on September 2nd they will release their brand new ‘Minor Sun’ album. A 13-track LP that will comfort our autumn (at least) and guide us in its dark and, as always, seductively orchestrated fairy gothic atmosphere. Gemina have proved themselves so far as a very talented group of musicians, following their star and offering great dark alternative music, re-inventing the modern dark rock on a gothic style. It seems that in the past period the band have been composing, arranging and developing their new work, ‘Minor Sun’. You can check out some of it in the teaser they shared—and you can check out the first single ‘Crossroads‘, too. Melodic (as always), dark (as always), inspired (as always) and fresh (yes, as always). The Beauty Of Gemina: ‘Minor Sun’- what a beautiful destination!

Mike Dimitriou