In late 2016 The Apples In Stereo’s ‘Science Faire’ was released; a deluxe version of their early material. We had the chance to catch up with the American rock band, associated with Elephant Six Collective (The Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beulah, Elf Power, of Montreal, The Minders,and Circulatory System), and if you are after tagging then  we won’t spoil this: Yep Roc, Bill Doss, Donald Trump, indie… Ultra tasty apples…

Hi there Apples! Which are your most recent news regarding the band?  –

The reissue of the ‘Science Faire’ record as a 3 x 7” box set on Chunklet and working on reissuing all of the original The Apples in Stereo LP’s thru Yep Roc this year.

Last December you released a deluxe compilation of your early material (Science Faire). What was the concept behind this release? 

Science Faire’ is made up of 7” singles that were issued on various labels and in small quantities. The original release of ‘Science Faire’ was a way to collect all of these rare singles onto one album. Now we are deconstructing that approach by issuing a box set with all of the original 7” singles in the 7” format. Also we’re including an early song that was issued on a 7” in Japan but was not on ‘Science Faire’.

Back to your early days now! After 20 years or so, what have you missed mostly from The Apples In Stereo early days, and why?

20 years ago we could tour for months at a time and never want to go home. Now we all like breaks to get back to our friends and family at home. Also, before Facebook, you didn’t know what to expect when you showed up to a new city or club. Everything was unknown and there was no way to know if there would be people at the club, what the club was like and sometimes even who you were playing with.

Your latest album was the excellent Travellers In Space And Time back in 2010! Should we expect a new one within 2017 then?

I’m afraid not. We all live in different cities and are involved in other work and projects. The plan is to make another album but logistically it hasn’t worked out. The reissues of all of the early LP’s will have to hold you over for now.

Sorry for bringing back bad memories, but I would like to ask how difficult was it to keep on after Bill Doss’ loss?

We have not performed since Bill’s passing, so I would say almost impossible. Bill made such a huge part of The Apples and was our greatest friend and brother. My words cannot do my emotions justice.

Apart from The Apples…most of you (if not all) are also involved with other bands/projects, right? Are the bonds too tight to keep you together? Which one is the magic ‘‘recipe’’?    

Yes, we are all involved in multiple projects and other bands. Given the chance we even collaborate on each other’s projects.  We will always have tight musical and personal bonds even if it is not under the name The Apples In Stereo.

Yep Roc Records is one of the most respected indie labels around for the last two decades or so. Were you satisfied with your collaboration on your latest full-length? Are you going to repeat this?

Yep Roc Records is the best! We were very lucky to be involved with them. All of our early LP’s previously issued on SpinART and Sire Records will be reissued by Yep Roc and if we ever make a new record I hope it will be too.

Checking your Facebook profile, I found out that you are worried about New U.S. new President. Would you like to share some thoughts about this? 

Well, the Apples have never been a political band although all of us have our own personal political views. However, when you have a regressive, xenophobic criminal as President it can change all of that. We are all very worried about Trump’s disregard for law, science, the environment, human rights and the 99% of us who were not born millionaires.  I don’t want to fill this whole interview up with our concerns so I’ll leave it at that.

A tricky one: Are you fond of space? And in what way? Please discuss… 

I am fond of space but it does not have to be “Outer Space.” I think you can do a lot of travelling sitting right where you are just by using your mind.  Also, as we have barely studied the depths of the oceans and the undiscovered alien creatures living miles below I think that between the earth and the mind, there is a lot of space to explore.

What hold the future for the band? Touring? Studio?  

The future is uncertain but as most of us have studios at home and still love each other and Apples music I must say that tomorrow never knows.

Christos Doukakis