The Apples In Stereo is an American band that has been hanging  in the balance between psychedelic/garage rock, indie pop, lo-fi/experimental, and new wave! An ideal “bridge” between The Beatles, Pavement and The Beach Boys.

A deluxe version of their early material, titled ‘Science Faire‘, is coming out on December 14th through Chunklet Industries!

Science Faire‘ presents :

-‘The Apples EP‘ (1993), (aka ‘Tidal Wave EP‘)

-‘Hypnotic Suggestion‘ (1994)

-‘Time For Bed EP‘ (1994)

This one is a special gift for The Apples In Stereo fans, and for all fans of qualitative music. December 14th is not far away! Taste the Apples !

Science Faire tracklisting:

The Apples EP:
01. Tidal Wave
02. Motorcar
03. Turncoat Indian
04. Haley
05. Not the Same
06. Stop Along the Way

Hypnotic Suggestion EP:
01. Running In Circles
02. Hypnotic Suggestion
03. Touch the Water
04. Glowworm

Time For Bed EP:
01. To Love the Vibration of the Bulb
02. Time For Bed / I Know You’ll Do Well
03. Rocket Pad
04. Onto Something

Theodoros Rentesis