Sometimes a band name may attract our interest. Northern Ireland’s Hello Casanova, formerly known as Foreign Affairs, fit the case perfectly. Apparently, these young lads, apart from the name, also have the music. And if we judge from their upcoming debut single ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ (November 25th, Supersonic Media) Hello Casanova are much more promising than wittily called. Discover more about them in the following lines…  

Hello Casanova… How on earth did you come up with such a band name? What is the story behind this clever choice?

We were previously called, ‘Foreign Affairs‘ and we never really liked that! There was also another band called foreign affairs who are doing quite well and save any confusion we decided to change it with the release of, ‘I’ll Be Waiting‘! We were given less than a week to create a new name and on the last day before having to choose Ethan just suggested it and we all loved it!

What is it like living and creating music in Northern Ireland? Is there an indie/ alternative scene in Northern Ireland or even Armagh? 

There is a scene in Northern Ireland! However Northern Ireland is so small that there’s a lot of material and a lot of amazing bands that get missed out because everybody goes crazy for a couple of acts! Armagh hasn’t really got a music scene, we would primarily base ourselves in Belfast! The scene can be cool up there!

You recently signed a record deal with the respected London-based label Supersonic Media. How did this opportunity come about? 

Twitter! They saw our track, ‘Television‘ online and followed our following releases until they offered us a record deal! But social media is how it all happened!

I am hooked on your energetic, catchy debut single ‘I’ll Be Waiting’, out on 25th November! Would you like to share some words about this song? 

Thank you very much! It’s the happiest song we’ve ever written! It’s a positive burst of energy showcasing my love and appreciation for my girlfriend I’ve been with for 5 years! It’s so much fun to play live also!


I cannot resist asking about the single’s video featuring people from the age of 6-26, all skating around. Would you like to tell us about this experience?

It was a lot of fun! All the kids were so excited and asking for guitar picks and to play our guitars! It was very cute! There were some amazing bikers and skaters! As you can tell from the video! We’re very grateful to have had the opportunity to film there!

Do you think that ‘pop punk’ is the best description of your music? Which bands would you say have shaped your sound?

I’m not sure anymore, I would have said that at the beginning and we still have that in our sound but I find labels can present an opinion of what you have to sound like! I just want to make cool music that People can sing along too! Green Day are our biggest influence, they’re the reason I do music! However we all love Blink-182, Motion City Soundtrack, The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball!

Your previous band Foreign Affairs seemed to be more politically associated than the first offering from Hello Casanova. Why this change, if not outright U-turn?

It’s not so much a u-turn! Just a different side of what we can do! We don’t want to just be a political band! We wrote what we feel like! The next song could be political, it could be a love song who knows! It was just refreshing to not take ourselves so seriously with this release!

Being a really fresh band, I assume you have a lot of future plans. Am I right?

Of course! We have our next single recorded and the one after that planned! Also lots of shows are coming! Hopefully we’ll make a career out of this music business yet!

Photo credits: Ethan Williamson

Christos Doukakis