Chickn are undoubtedly one of the breakthrough bands of 2016, having released their self-titled debut via the ever reliable Inner Ear Records, merely a few weeks ago. This Thursday, November 24th, they are going to present their album live at Gagarin 205 Live Music Space, with A Victim Of Society as special guests. Be there or…you surely don’t wanna miss this psychedelic trip!

Let’s start with the basics! Why Chickn? What happened with the missing “e”? Please introduce yourselves….

It indeed began with an “e”, but it went missing pretty soon. None of us really remembers why we chose that name although we all remember choosing it. Apparently we are people with poor, selective memory and a fainted sense of humor.

While listening  to your magnificent, psychedelic debut album, I got really impressed cause you sounded as you have been playing music for years and years…Very mature sound. Please discuss. 

Thanks for the kind words! We do not play music for that many years, but we play a lot and we intend to do so for the years to come. We think that those facts are both audible and that is the main fact that “matures” our sound. In our opinion it is not really mature, as it is clarified and rock-steady.

Which was the Baby Guru’s involvement in your album? How did this co-op come about?  

Baby Guru is a band that we admire and there is a deep friendship going on among us. Sir Kosmiche right now serves as a full-time member of Chickn so his contribution is huge. His distinctive basslines really shaped a big part of the album. Prins Obi was asked to provide additional keyboards to one track for the shake of playing variety and some unworldly backing vocals and last but not least King Elephant against all odds was called to throw some afro-space dust on two tracks together with his almighty sexy sax.

First era Pink Floyd, seem to be the biggest influence! Am I right? Which do you consider the most significant influences music-wise?

Barrett-era Pink Floyd is indeed one of our biggest influences. We don’t think it is possible to play any kind of psychedelic rock without referring to ‘The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’. It is the record that epitomized psychedelia. We were referring to it before even listening to it. Our influences in total are a weird thing. Our music backgrounds are completely different as we did not form the band on common influences but on a common intention to play music. That gives a magic feel to the band as everyone provides his own aspect on the same vision and this one is one of the key points of being an idiosyncratic band.

What is Jetztzeit Rock anyway?

Jeitztzeit Rock, is the rock of now-time. “A jump in the free sky of history” to quote W. Benjamin. It is a constant struggle to re-invent yourself while playing music. It is rock music, as actual as it could be, without any neo-romantic reveries. It is not a revival, it is life here and now.


Gonna write some things now. Go ahead and share your first words/ thoughts that come to mind: Pink Floyd, psychedelic, crisis, Chickn, Alan Douches

Pink Floyd: Lulubelle III

Psychedelic: Breaking bourgeois mind set

Crisis: A current situation that is devastating for some of us. Not all of us. And for fuck’s shake it does not create opportunities.

Chickn: On a raft on a Monday morning oh what a terrible sight to see

Alan Douches: Slick and smooth

On 24th November you are playing at Gagarin 205, along with A Victim Of Society. What should we expect from this live? Time capsule to the 60’s?

Expect nothing. Be prepared for anything. No time capsules will be harmed during this show.

Are you satisfied with your label Inner Ear Records, so far?

Inner Ear Records is probably one of the main factors that shape Greek music production right now. If it wasn’t for Inner Ear, our album probably would not be ready as we are speaking and the fact we are speaking on our album is something beyond satisfactory.

Plans for 2017?

It is hard to plan in a crisis-era. We are currently planning to tour. As we did last year, and the year before that. We hope this time will happen.

A psychedelic message to our readers for ending this one?

Men are dead, men are gone but some chickn carried on.

Photo credits: Freddie Faulkenberry

Christos Doukakis