German thrash metal titans Sodom announced earlier in July their forthcoming release. It is called ‘Decision Day’, out on 26th August in various formats (vinyl, too). The tracklist of 12 songs and the artwork have also been revealed. The artwork of ‘Decision Day’ was created by Motörhead’s graphic designer Joe Petagno and look! Does it remind you Motörhead’s cover of ‘Another Perfect Day’, in a more thrash-y Sodom way?! I believe that it’s the band’s tribute to Lemmy and Motörhead, a band that has inspired Sodom like no other has.

Tom Angelripper also shared some information about ‘Decision Day’. Yes, you are right, it is all about warfare again. The title ‘Decision Day’ is inspired by the Allied invasion in Normandy (D-Day) in order to smash German Nazis. The band is constantly protesting against war and the meanest paths of mankind, in their Teutonic and brutal thrash music that makes it all clear: there is no heroism in war, there’s only death and destruction. Remember ‘Agent Orange’ (a fire that doesn’t burn), ‘Remember the Fallen’?


Mike Dimitriou