After the first two Roxy Music albums and the collaboration with Robert Fripp on ‘(No Pussyfooting)’ in 1973, Brian Eno was ready to make his fourth solo album. Therefore, ‘Before And After Science’ was released in 1977, produced by himself and Rhett Davies.

Eno wrote over one hundred tracks for the album but only ten finally made the final cut and the album took 2 years to finish because Eno was working on 2 other ambient albums during the same period, ‘Music For Films’ and ‘Discreet Music’.

Before And After Science’ is his last album mixing experimental art rock. For the album Eno collaborated with many guest musicians from Germany and England like Cluster, Phil Collins, Robert Fripp, Phil Manzanera, Fred Frith, Jaki Liebezeit, Paul Rudolph and others.

Eno himself referred to the album as ocean music. The first side of the album starts with the brilliant funk song ‘No One Receiving’ and the upbeat ‘Backwater’, ‘Kurt’s Rejoinder‘ with the dominating bass work, and the mysterious instrumental ‘Energy Fools The Magician’. ‘King’s Lead Hat’ is the classic art rock piece from the album. The second side is mostly instrumental with few vocals and very atmospheric feeling: ‘Here He Comes’, ‘Julie with…’, ‘By This River’, ’Through Hollow Lands’ and the great ‘Spider and I’.

Eno’s works are all excellent but ‘Before And After Science’ is my favourite album. I can’t forget when I first heard it; it was a fantastic feeling and a very emotional journey. Of course it reminds me of David Bowie’s ‘Low’ and ‘Remain In Light’ and ‘Fear Of Music’ by Talking Heads. After all, Eno did the production for those albums.

John Leva