Post rockers from Japan have announced that their new 5 track LP ‘Requiem For Hell’ will be out on 14th October. As they stated in their website, this album is a series of songs from a flood of inspirations in 2015. After writing song after song and giving them titles, we stumbled upon Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ and the story struck a chord. The ‘Divine Comedy’ story about travelling down to Hell, through to purgatory, then from Heaven to reality turned out to be the same theme. MONO have turned into the most important bands in post rock, having a dedicated core of fans that always await their next work. They are actually pioneering the genre through different paths than the usual western post rock musicians, evolving their art according to the Japanese universe. We are looking forward to the band’s release, expecting a new high quality trip!

Mike Dimitriou

Official Trailer: