Serpent Noir is a Greek black metal band from Athens, formed in 2006. So far they have released two full-length albums ‘Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness: Open Up The Shells’ (2012) and ‘Erotomysticism’ (2015) via Daemon Worship Productions. Their occult theme based on the principles of the esoteric society of Dragon Rouge will be presented at MODU under the Black Spectrum event on November 20th, 2016.

Getting straight to the point, what I understand is that your lyrical theme is not something that fits to the genre you represent, but it is a way of expression and maybe a way of life. Do all members of Serpent Noir follow this kind of philosophy?

Why do you find so? Our lyrical themes come from the well of the Typhonian/ Draconian Tradition. They fit perfectly well with our music. We see our music and lyrics as a whole and never separated.

Our latest album ‘Erotomysticism’ (the title of which might mislead those not familiar with the term), deals with the dark traditions related to Sex Magic, foremost aim of which is the awakening/ channeling of the Dragon.

I was not familiar with the “Dragon Rouge” until I got more involved with your latest album ‘Erotomysticism’. Can you tell us a few words about this philosophy and the way you express it through your music?

Dragon Rouge is a Left Hand Path Initiatory Brotherhood and not just a philosophy. Briefly, it is the existential and spiritual pursuit to see the Unseen and to enter the Great Unknown. Our music is the expression, the product if you prefer, coming from a glimpse at what lies beyond the borders of Cosmos.

Erotomysticism’, apart from being an excellent work regarding the production and composition, is more ritualistic than the previous album. Does this have to do with the theme of the album or is it another step that the band takes music-wise?

Erotomysticism is our most naturally incepted album so far. Mainly, it sounds the way it does because of the theme we deal with. We wanted to create the sensation of an emerging old unidentified memory as well as the feeling of being deep into the depths of a vast sea. Nonetheless, inspiration of music we were listening to when we were kids came also to the surface, i.e mid 90’s era metal.


Based on the information which is given about the last album, people who are also behind Therion have contributed to your work as well, among them Christofer Johnsson. How did this collaboration occur and in which way has this been important to your work? Are there any other significant contributions?

He is an old friend and frater and his music (especially, the Therion albums coming out from 1993 to 2000) has been a great inspiration for us. The initial idea was to have him singing in the song ‘The Veritable Red Dragon‘, in the vein of Therion’s amazing album ‘Lepaca Kliffoth’. Eventually, he performed with a hammond organ part, creating the intro of the song ‘Mephistophelian Pacts‘. Of course, it feels great having him contributing to our album!

Regarding other important contributions, we should mention Thomas Karlsson (founder of Dragon Rouge) who wrote the majority of the album’s lyrics and took care of the lead vocals in the song ‘Desert Of Azazel‘.

You are about to appear on Sunday at MODU in the event called Black Spectrum – its name I think suits your image and lyrical theme. Tell us a few words about this participation.

Are there any other forthcoming appearances in live shows?

We will perform live along with some powerful and important BM acts of the underground scene. Our intention is to present live the greatest part of ‘Erotomysticism’, also some older material.

When should we expect new material from Serpent Noir?

There will soon be some news regarding our 3rd full length album in which a different approach in music is to be taken. A couple of split releases with fraternal bands is also in the plan.

Thank you for your time! Feel free to close this interview as you will!

Thank you for the interesting interview. Hail the Draconian Might!

Photo credits: Obscura Art (1st one), Krys Nimbus (2nd one) 

Mary Kalaitzidou