1. Soulwax – ‘Transient Program For Drums And Machinery

Belgian brothers David and Stephen Dewaele under their head moniker of Soulwax, in the same way as The Chemicals Brothers in the UK and James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem in the US, have always pushing the cutting-edge boundaries of dance music, mixing electronic beats with indie rock, reaching always exciting, never trivial, results and inspiring a generation of clubbers and ravers.

After a hiatus of eleven years since the seminal ‘Nite Versions’ album in 2005, committed, among their countless projects, to inventing and writing music for fictional bands over the “Belgica” movie soundtrack, the duo has just released their brand new single with the krautrock-inspired title ‘Transient Program For Drums And Machinery’.

An epic slow-burning eight minutes long epic, ironically starting with the line ‘It took a long time/it took a long time’, it owns the unique Soulwax imprint of vintage analogue synths and rock arrangements, a slightly cleaner and less ‘dirty’ than usual, reaching its boiling point in the last two minutes, it’ll definitely grow on you after repeated listening.

The European tour has been announced with Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy) on drums!

It’s going to be fun!

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. The xx – ‘On Hold

Obviously influenced by tracks with the electronic sound of the 90’s mixed with the two-voiced band of The xx along with their familiar sound characteristics, they present us, even somewhat belatedly, 4 years after ‘Coexist‘, their new song, ‘On Hold‘. With a catchy refrain far from the familiar sound of the band, it retains atmospheric moods in many parts. So we wait until the 13th of January, day of their 3rd forthcoming album. As we are going through socially peculiar times and I don’t approve of this kind of love songs, I’m touched by the honest disposal of the band that gets these situations and is able to offer its new songs so that we can let our minds loose, wander for some minutes, feeling their joy and their artistry through the new album ‘I See You‘. I think it;s needed.

Makis Gevros

  1. Klimt 1918 – ‘Comandante

I choose for this week’s mixtape, ‘Comandante‘ from the Italian band Klimt 1918, out of their forthcoming ‘Sentimentale‘ – part I of the double album ‘Sentimentale Jugend‘. It’s a shoegazzin’, post-rock gem, including few new wave elements in; very melodic and quite dreamy. Listen to it and perhaps you’ll agree that the song is signifying the group’s new era, more sophisticated and certainly more mature. You know…loud!

Mike Dimitriou

  1. Flowers For Bodysnatchers – ‘Where The Carcass Lies

On ‘Fall The Night‘ EP Flowers For Bodysnatchers take inspiration from the poetry of Nathan Hassall, specifically from three poems in his latest chapbook, “The Flesh And Mortar Prophecy“. On this first track ‘Where The Carcass Lies‘ we hear some of the best work yet from Flowers For Bodysnatchers. Follow the doomed protagonist through his last moments. As his mind unravels we hear each bleak emotion passing through his consciousness. Always the storyteller, Flowers For Bodysnatchers truly amazes with each release, and is always bringing something new and interesting to the table. This whole ‘Fall The Night‘ EP is highly recommended as is the chapbook by Nathan Hassall.

Michael Barnett

  1. Hey Mother Death – ‘Deranged My Love’

Hey Mother Death is the moniker of the impressive artistic talent of the Paris-based French/Canadian duo Laurence Strelka and Denma Peisinger.

Already last year debut full length ‘Highway’ struck the right chord of mine, so spontaneous, arousing and full of dark wild soul.

Deranged My Love’ is the new single and it’s another intriguing and compelling listening, a music not easy to categorize, it’s experimental, electronic, trippy, dark, avant garde, but above all it’s the intense, sensual and menacing atmosphere they’re able to build;  “It’s the matter what you say or do” claims immediately the emotional seductive French-accent Laurence’s voice driving us into the deepness of her sick obsession, desperation and pain, interspersed by sudden guitar riffs, dubwise beats and excruciating synth lines, “I’m your own” repeats desperately,’ we are your own’ definitely…

Enjoy the amazing perfectly accompained dark & light visuals directed by the Parisian director JF Julian.

Fabrizio Lusso

Compiled by Fabrizio Lusso, Makis Gevros, Mike Dimitriou & Michael Barnett