RVTS is a witch house project from Thessaloniki, Greece that will appear on Thursday, March 30, at Death Disco supporting Ritualz. Having released their debut via the genre-respected label Phantasma Disques, the future seems bright (or better “dim” so abide with the genre). Here is what they told us on a live chat…

Hi RVTS. What does this stand for?

Hi, RVTS is a representative word for our music that stands for disease, plague and darkness in general.

What does witch house mean for you?

Witch house is a genre that every artist can mix electronic elements from all genres of music so we can express ourselves how we like it, from rough industrial sounds to mesmerizing melodies.

Living and creating in Thessaloniki. How would you describe the witch house scene there? Is there one?

Ha, this is a sad story not only for the witch house music but for all the underground electronic music etc. There are a few people listening and following the genre but like all the underground scenes in Greece, all the new music waves got stuck on the great swamp called economic crisis.

Would you like to share some words about your video ‘Crescent City Nights’ and the collaboration with Stéphane Chambon?

Crescent City Nights’ is a track inspired from the old era of New Orleans,  you know the gloomy scenery, voodoo, rituals, passion and things like these.

We’ve been searching for a long time for a video artist that had similar aesthetics with our music so we started searching the internet; We found these incredible videos on Vimeo from Stéphane Chambon and immediately asked her to collaborate for a music video.

And what about other music? Bandcamp page? Soundcloud?

We publish our songs on sites like Soundcloud, Reverbnation etc. And you can find a couple of our songs on some fan based mixcloud mixes.We plan to upload the whole ‘Crescent’ album that has been published from Phantasma Disques on cd, a few months ago, in near future on Soundcloud along with some new material.


On Thursday you will appear at Death Disco supporting Ritualz. What should the audience expect? An audiovisual experience?

Yeah, Thursday will be great, we are big fans of Ritualz and we want to thank everyone that gave us the chance to play.

We have prepared some wicked visuals to enhance the experience of the audience and we are going to play tracks from ‘Crescent’ album that you cannot find on Soundcloud etc., along with new material.

Looking forward to this! And how did the collaboration with Phantasma Disques come about? Did they find you?

We knew about Phantasma Disques from the artist that we’ve been listening to like BLVCK CEILING and Mater Suspiria Vision and we wanted to join their roster, so we sent a demo and they accepted us.

What holds the future for RVTS?

We are experimenting with new musical elements like guitars, analog sounds and full vocalised tracks always keeping the witch house aesthetic, hoping to publish another album this year.

Last one! 3 genre-defining albums for RVTS…

Salem -‘King Night

Crim3s – ‘Stay Ugly


Christos Doukakis