On Thursday, March 30, Sycorax will be one of those projects supporting Ritualz. Call it witch house, call it dark rave, call it whatever you wish, this is something you should pay attention to. Electronic music, pure & underground, that will blow your mind up! Do yourself a favour, press the play button below and have a read…   

What hides behind the word ‘Sycorax’? Would you share a few words about the project? How did it emerge, members, etc?

Sycorax is an unseen character in William Shakespeare‘s play “The Tempest” (1611). She is a vicious and powerful witch and the mother of Caliban, one of the few native inhabitants of the island on which Prospero, the hero of the play, is stranded. Post-colonialist writers and critics see Sycorax as giving voice to people, particularly women, recovering from the effects of colonization. Sycorax means using black magic against oppressive culture, against any kind of nationalism, racism, sexism.

Thursday 30th March should be a big day for you supporting Ritualz at Death Disco, right? What are you going to present on that night?

It’s the second live action, the first was some years ago with Crim3s. I am gonna present some unreleased tracks and some classic ones.

In 3 words, what does witch house mean for you?

 Youtube  Ear-candy  Gender-blender

Your Facebook page doesn’t seem active, apart from the upcoming event! Was the project on hold, before this event?

Sycorax is a forgotten  project that was made just for trolling, experimenting with composing  catchy music and having fun. I didn’t expect that many people now consider it a classic witch house group.

Do you believe that all this symbolism in the witch house genre is something unavoidable?

It is a part of the game. For me, in the beginning, using these strange symbols meant that it should be difficult to look  for the groups in search engines. Now it is just aesthetics.

Your debut album ‘∆n∆rchowitchkravt’ was released back in 2011! This was when the genre was at his peak point. Some words you’d like to share about this release?

I felt weird because in some months many people liked and shared the tracks (some of them have more than 100.000 views). The fun part with that was that I never took this project  seriously and it is my most famous one.

Should we expect some new music from you soon?

I have a new album finished. Phantasma Disques waits for it but I am procrastinating. When I find the courage to send the email you’ll hear it.

Kropotkin Satanista’ was you first ever release! Am I right? Which was the main inspiration behind this one?


What about Salem? Are you a fan of theirs?

I like the aesthetics, nice music as a background for checking your FB.

Which are your plans for the rest of 2017?

Focusing on other projects.

Some word of advice for genre’s newcomers: o both artists and supporters/fans.

Try not to copy but to steal as Guy Debord used to say.

Christos Doukakis