Emprise Music is an independent record label based in Paris created in 2014 to discover new talented Artists from tomorrow. Our vision has the ambition to produce & promote refreshing, innovative and genuine contemporary music, by connecting composers, singers and musicians.

In the past we had the pleasure to work alongside Artists like Feder, Mome, Tilka, Dillistone, Couzare, Cozy, Muto, Daily Holla, Sam Dian and Notre Dame.

The idea behind our very first compilation project “Horizons” was to bring together emerging and unknown eclectic Artists from all over the world to continue diversify our vision.

Emprise team has been working hard since almost a year to select a genuine and independent mix of 22 tracks that transcribes some fresh and innovative vibes.

The compilation has been built in a way the listeners could have a good trip through a chronological progressive playlist. Beginning with some Chillout, Pop, R&B tracks evolving slowly to Electro, Nu disco and Deep House.