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Rain Delay are a fusion metal band formed in Belgrade, Serbia in 2003 as a three-piece acoustic project, but their story is reaching its 5th chapter and this year the band celebrate 14 years of their existence in the Balkan metal/rock scene with unique music and texts, powerful and magical vocals, strong distortion and drums. They have played numerous concerts and festivals, in over 40 towns in their homeland, such as the famous EXIT festival in Novi Sad (2006 & 2009) and wrote the music for a cult Serbian movie ‘Who the fuck is Miloš Brankovic?’, which premiered on 36th Belgrade film festival – FEST (2008) and received numerous awards and was widely acknowledged.

Exclusively for Last Day Deaf, here is the founder and frontman of the band, the one and only Dušan Pešic.

What story is hidden behind the band name ‘Rain Delay’?

Rain Delay’ is, in this particular case, a metaphor for postponing the separation, like a flight that would take you far away from someone and has just been delayed. It is kind of tragic or maybe on the contrary romantic, depending on the outcome.

Nikola Andrejic

How do you find an inspiration for your music and lyrics?

All Rain Delay songs that I have written are autobiographical and they depict certain events from my life; important things, such as realizing what Venice means to me, and later, what I represent for those people (‘Veneto Slumber Recon’, ‘Par ti, San Marco’, ‘Winged Lion’, and ‘Aperol In March’); finishing Law School (‘In Pursuit Of Wonders’); relationship with my fiancée (‘Selena’, ‘Shiseido’, ‘Providence’) and our vacation/salvation in Corfu (‘Septinsular’); also about some particular dreams, like the one about our unborn daughter (‘Kyoto Daylight Recon’). I don’t even try to find the inspiration, but, rather, those songs find me. More likely, haunt me.

I am familiar with the fact that the band has celebrated its 13th birthday this year, so can you tell us a few things about the band’s history?

We started off as an acoustic project back in 2003, but soon incorporated electric guitars and drums. We just wanted to play some doom metal like Saturnus, and we had a lot to say back then, but didn’t really know how to put it together. When our (doom/black) debut ‘As I Bequeath My Yesterday’ came out in 2005, it was only the second ever full-length doom metal album to be released in Serbia. By the time our second (melodic death/doom) album ‘We Forget’ came out in 2006, we’d learned a lot about artistic expression and also about musical craftsmanship. In 2011 came our third endeavor ‘Slumber Recon’ since which we’ve started incorporating post-hardcore elements. That album really set us on the world map and the majestic Veneto Slumber Tour followed in 2012. It was the last ever album that I did with the old line-up. So, following some tremendous reforms, the sequel ‘Of Blood-Red And Gold’ was released at the end of 2014, and that particular album is, by far, our most sophisticated record.

There were a lot of great musicians who walked through this band, but their path has taken them somewhere else. Can you tell us something about the current members of Rain Delay?

I always cherished the fact that I could work with such great young people. First of all, in today’s line-up I’ve got Toni Maletin on drums, a talented artist in every possible way. He is a drawing prodigy, a superb concept artist and his work in those areas has profoundly influenced his artistry. I’ve also got Nikola Andrejić on bass, a youngster who is already such an incredible musician. The audience will be able to hear both of them for the first time on a Rain Delay album and their contribution will be tremendous. In addition, I’ve got Matija Anđelković on piano, a genius who is already one of the most revered young composers in the region. Without these people, Rain Delay would not be what it is today.

Matija Andjelkovic

Is it true that you were the very first metal band who played in Venice? Can you explain the band’s connection to that amazing city? What does it mean to you?

It means a world to me, of course. Becoming aware that Venice is my spiritual and, most likely, my past-life hometown, was one of my finest revelations. I wouldn’t like to spoil that impression with these ephemeral words, so just watch the video for ‘Par ti, San Marco’, and you’ll get an idea. And, yes, Rain Delay was the first, and still is the only metal band in the world ever to perform in the city of Venice.

I have read that you are preparing a new album for the summer of 2016. Can you share some details about that?

‘So… It has begun…’ Our fifth album is currently in the process of recording! All vocals and instruments, except for drums, are being recorded by Igor ‘Jimmy’ Stanić (Superhammer, Elsewhere Shine) at his home studio in Inđija. Mixing and mastering will be executed by producer Boris Šurlan, at his ‘Midnight Studio’ in Lazarevac. The album is set to be released in early fall of 2016!

What is the name of the upcoming album? Would you be so kind as to give us the names of the songs or maybe tell us the names of the musicians who will be guests on the album?

The name of the new album will be ‘Selenophilia’. It is actually going to be very short in length, having only five short songs. So, the track list goes like this:

01 Retention City

02 Burano

03 No Moon To Take Me Home

04 Dorćol Late Recon

05 Selenophilia

06 Ne Dal Mondo (bonus track)

Contrary to the previous album that had so many guests, this one will only have a few. Our special guest vocalist is Jelena Pauljev aka Paulina (Cimerman), also the co-author of the bonus track ‘Ne Dal Mondo’, which is based on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Also, our friend, the man who made this album possible, Igor ‘Jimmy’ Stanić, will appear on that same bonus track with a hell of a guitar solo.


Can you name the bands that had the biggest influence on your music?

Sure! Novembre and Poison The Well! I think our music, especially from our third album ‘Slumber Recon’ until today, is still drunk on that bittersweet cocktail made out of their two legendary albums ‘Novembrine Waltz’ and ‘The Opposite Of December, A Season Of Separation’, respectively.

Which genres of music do you personally love and enjoy listening?

I am able to find beauty and happiness in many musical genres, from death/doom metal, hardcore, and of course gothic, all the way to the popular gloomy chansons of Đorđe Balašević. Recently, I’ve discovered some kawaii metal acts, Japanese groups Babymetal and LadyBaby. It is all raving bonkers, and I am loving it!

If you had to choose only one song which completely describes your life and simply heals you when you feel down and broken, which song would you choose?

Great question! I guess that those songs I love would obliterate me if I listened to them in the state of already being broken. If I had to, I would have chosen ‘Burden’, by Opeth. No, wait… Maybe I would go for ‘Foto Blu Infinito’, an instrumental by Novembre… or maybe ‘Little Blonde Plaits’ by Chris Rea. See, I couldn’t really choose just one.

Do you have some plans for the future, an album promotion concerts, maybe some new videos, or possibly a band tour?

I would love to play these new songs live, so for us to have a couple of nice concerts in the near future is a totally realistic expectation. Also, a new video is quite probable!

It was great to chat with you. What would you say to your faithful fans and our readers as a conclusion to the interview?

Discover yourself in your 20s. Work hard in your 30s. Then, if you are lucky enough to find that special someone, give her/him everything you’ve got! Don’t live a life just for yourself. Visit Venice at least once in your lifetime, and while you’re there taste some Aperol Spriss, or some Bellini, and feel free to experience some of our songs dedicated to it.  Rain Delay loves all of you!

Photo credits:  Bjanka Maletin (first one), Kristina Ciric (3rd one, Balkanrock.com), Natasa Ilic (last one)

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