Today we have the pleasure of interviewing QDOR.  A new experimental group, very special in the Italian scene. A band which is composed of 4 ‘elements’ that come together in a single reality..

We start from the origin of the group’s name and what this represents…

“Qdor” comes from the friulian language and indicates a white worm, the hermaphrodite animal that grows in rennet.

The initial status of the cosmos as described by the heretic Menocchio is a chaotic and primordial magma, made of a rennet-like substance that continuously breaks apart and reforms.

Where matter breaks apart small insects come to life, white as flowers and feeble: the hermaphrodite worms, first archaic archangels.

We originated far away and even though we do remember everything we don’t tell anybody what we’ve seen.

The link between the various members of the group is based on……?

Ritualistic practice and disillusion.

Tell us a few words about your debut album.

It is the first physical manifestation of the white hermaprodite, the vision of a heretic expanded until it covers everything that is known. We think of “I” as an initiation, the first step into a path covered in flowers and brambles. We’ve shown you an immense uterus.

The compositional structure of your songs is very interesting, reminiscent of Nurse With Wound and sometimes even Coil and also Zoviet France. Would you agree with this?

The structures are coherent with what we need to describe. Sometimes those structures aren’t there, because the object of the song doesn’t have one.

Also of interest is the packaging of the album. Is there any special reason about it?

It was the only possibile packaging for the initiation, as the album is not aimed to listeners but to adepts.

The objects are all handmade with a craftmanship logic; the same that spreads in Friuli:

– ðute robe fate co le mans, benethete dal laorier.-


Always focus on the sound. Would you tell us which tools do you use?

We mostly used objects crafted by us, but also instruments speaking a language suitable to the description of a ritual

– a le come le foriscole che le va su e le sparis tal scur.-

Are you already making plans of a new album?

At the moment no, we just finished to unravel a skein of concepts dictated by QDOR. Based on what won’t be comprehended by adepts we will eventually do something to obtain a better understanding.

Will this mystical and magical style be the building block of your work?

Compositions are the only way to communicate with the cult.

How can you imagine QDOR in 5 years’ time?

Cemò c’a l’è aðes, cemò ca l’è sempre ste e cemò che sempre al sarà.

Are you already thinking about a live performance?

Yes, maybe during springtime, when the flowers will blossom, we will describe the cult in front of the first adepts. However we don’t consider them performance but public prayers, considered we do pray privately everyday

– pregion al QDOR par ðush quagn ðush i ðis. –

Last question for those who have not yet heard. Why anyone should approach to QDOR and their music?

The music comes after the cult: if you watch it from outside and it communicates you something you just need to connect that inner place that responds to QDOR to the cult itself. It’s a small place, far away, peripheral, ignored… it is like Friuli.

Antonio Cristofaro