An intriguing Italian music project is being released this fall, distributed by Old Europa Cafe, the QDOR debut album (the name comes from QDOR, an animist cult born from the idea of ​​Cosmo of Menocchio).

This is a very interesting music project in which, with great pleasure, we can tryst pleasant influences of Coil, Nurse With Wound and Zoviet France. Within this album (packaged in a truly beautiful and precious box) we encounter the fantastic,ritualistic sounds mixed with the “voice” of nature. A journey through the cosmos that sets off from the beginning of life and evolves into a mystical trip towards infinity.

A travel in which life can be transformed  in beauty or death.

The album comes out with great packaging: Two editions (Devote Edition  and Superior Edition) complete with amulets and especially containing a booklet in which the main language is represented by the typeface of QDOR. In other words, ancestral signs guided by a precise alphabet.

Antonio Cristofaro