Penelope’s Fiance is one of those hidden gems, you might come across the web if you are lucky enough. Fanis Tornikidis, the man behind the project, was willing enough to have a brief chat with me, and below is the outcome.  

Penelope’s Fiance? What’s hiding behind this enigmatic name?

Nothing special, just an average guy, I got the idea from Odyssey and Penelope’s suitors and that’s what I meant to point out , a Penelope’s Fiance, one of the many, nothing really special.

The music sounds special though. No?

In my ears, yes, it does.

The last few months you have been very active in your Soundcloud page regarding this project. Are you planning anything in the near future?

Well, I can’t tell you for sure when -probably really soon- I’ll release my first cassette via Zender , a new label based in Netherlands ,I’ll also participate in the next VA from Contort Yourself, and we’ll make a split release with DJ Loser for the label Out Of Order.

Good news! I simply cannot get enough of the miriness of ‘For The Forthcoming Disaster’, reminding me a lot of Regard Extrême. Could you share some words about this track?

I can’t really say a lot, I heard some bad news and I had a really bad feeling that something bad will soon happen (you notice how many times I used the word ”bad”,right?). I wanted to clear my mind from these thoughts and ended up creating ‘For The Forthcoming Disaster’.

What’s your musical background? Previous bands/projects, music studies?

Nothing really, since high school I was focusing  a lot in music, but only as a listener, never really tried anything until the September 2015 due to constant proposals of a close friend I decided to try  a music software.

Which one?

Ableton live

Alright! A classic one now! Which are your most favourite bands/artists then?

A very difficult question, if I must say one, I would probably say Ian Dominick Fernow’s projects, Vatican shadow and Christian Cosmos.

Not one…Your most favorite ones!


Siobhan, Gerstein, Asmodaeus, Tollund Men, Burzum.

I can’t really give you an honest answer although, these are the artists that just jumped on my mind right now.

A tricky one now! Have you ever thought of making music for video games? If yes, what type of video games? Survival horror maybe?

Hahaha, I think you got it right, yes, I’ve never really thought about it, although I have some sounds that could fit in that kind of a game.

You live in Stavroupoli, Greece. Any interesting artists over there we should check out?

DJ Loser, Virgin.

Having a look at your fb page I am impressed that although you are very young (23 y.o.) you post music from obscure noise/experimental projects from the past from bands like SPK etc. How did you get in touch with this music? Any mentor?

Well, I have a lot of free time, and I’m really interested in music. That’s all it takes, you don’t need a mentor, sooner or later you’ll find all the stuff you want if you dedicate time. My only sources were (and still are) YouTube, some blogs, and Discogs.

Any plans for live performances?

No there are not any plans for live perfomances, at least not yet.

Thank you for this live chat. Any special message to LDD readers?

Not a special message, but a special link!

Have a nice afternoon!

Christos Doukakis