Hailing from Bucharest, Faunlet is a discovered “treasure” from one of Last Day Deaf’s ‘greyhounds’, Fabrizio Lusso. Peter the mastermind behind the project, gives us a lively chat of what is all about. More correctly: A dive into the inner soul of the artist.

So Peter, feel free to introduce Faunlet to Last Day Deaf readers…

Hello, Faunlet is a dark alternative band from Bucharest And by band I mean it’s only me. At the moment. Do you want some biographical details?


We formed in the autumn of 2011 as a three piece band. We released our first demo in 2012 and our first album in 2014. That’s it.

Cool! How is living and creating in Bucharest then? Any interesting bands/ projects we should take notice of?

Hmm…I’m not really into any scenes, but I can tell you that my favorite Romanian band is Valerinne. So you should check them out.

Definitely! Correct me if I am wrong. Did you name the project after Nabokov’s book ‘Lolita’?

Oh, yes. I love Nabokov. And when I read “Lolita” I just fell in love with the word Faunlet. And at that time I had a different band and I wrote a song called ‘Faunlet (He’s My Lolita)’.

So its the book, not Kubrick’s film?

The book, yes. I prefer the 1997 version, of the film I mean. So when I was looking for a name for my new band…there it was; Faunlet: ambiguous, sexual, illicit.

Do you know Felte’s project Drab Majesty? I personally find resemblance between Faunlet and Drab Majesty.

Perfect! Yes, I know Drab Majesty, but they are more “synthy”. I try to avoid “genres” as much as I can. That’s why I’m always reinventing my music and try different angles.

The androgynous ‘thing’?

I know what you mean, but there are so many aspects of androgyny. I feel Drab is more of a “clubby, urban, witchcraft” kind of androgynous.

Would you like to discuss about it with us? How do you think this aspect has affected your music?

Androgyny, you mean?


Well it’s who I am, so it affects my music deeply. I don’t identify myself as male or female but, obviously, my feminine side is closer to me but I’ve always loved ambiguity in art so…

‘Grey Magic’ is a stunning single according to LDD. The video also is a magnificent piece of art. Would you like to share a few words about it?

Thank you. The song actually wrote itself. I was just a vessel.


It was a really powerful and almost metaphysical experience. It’s very personal and difficult to explain. The lyrics speak for themselves. I wanted to make a 100% DIY video. So I talked to a friend of mine who had a good camera, talked to another friend who had a car, found some really nice locations and filmed the video.

Fair enough…Are you involved in any other projects apart from Faunlet?

No, I’m not. With Faunlet I can do whatever I want, so I don’t really feel the need to be part of something else. But I am still looking for band members, though. In the studio I can play all the instruments, but in a concert it would be a little difficult

What happened with the other two ex-band members?

Well…they did what all band members do: leave It’s very difficult to find people to play with…In Bucharest I mean.

Are you thinking of moving abroad to a more arty city? Berlin for example?

I am thinking, yes. Maybe one day, who knows…

You describe your sound as darkgaze! Do you think that it’s an ideal mixture of dark wave and shoegaze then?

Hmm, the “dark” part comes from dark alternative.


Since this is the first time I incorporated synths and drum machines. I guess dark wave is ok, too, but as I said before, I don’t really believe in genres and “darkgaze” doesn’t really sound like a genre. So it’s ok.

Gaze could come from shoegaze, but it also can be literally a dark gaze upon the world.

Yes! But in the digital era we are living, don’t you believe it’s better to tag your music, so people can access and find out about  your music?

I know, that’s why I use some tags, like post-punk, shoegaze, goth rock, dark alternative. Somewhere around those genres.  And with the new album I am also trying to explore some industrial and synthpunk/rock/pop sounds.


Should we expect your 2nd full-length within 2017?

I hope so. The songs exist. They are waiting to be given a body.

Depends on what then?

I am still waiting for “that song”, to complete the album. So…

Which are your future plans Peter?

Well, finishing the new album is my priority. Finding band members. And start touring. A new video, perhaps.

Which albums have inspired you most for your Faunlet sounds?

Oh…My all time favorite album is ‘Adore’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. So that’s always an inspiration. But, there are many albums. And books and movies.

Movies? Books? Apart from “Lolita”.

David Lynch is my favorite director. And authors…from Michael Cunningham to Joyce Carol Oates. To name a few.

 “I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever; but I also knew she would not be forever Lolita.”

― Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Yes…The definition of love.

Finish this the way you like….

The tragic beauty of love is in the pain it leaves behind.

Thank you Peter….

Thank you for your interest.

Photo credits: Cristina Costea

Christos Doukakis