In formal announcements, both the band and the label, informed the music industry that from now on they will be working together. Paradise Lost, one of the most inspiring and important bands in metal music, let out the news on 14th June. ‘Our career has run alongside Nuclear Blast Records since the label began in the late ‘80s. And as huge fans of original death metal, we still have the majority of the label’s first releases from those very early days. It’s pretty incredible to see how the label has become a real force in metal music over the years, both in Europe and America’, they say. Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger confirms: ‘As a fan from day one I’ve been following Paradise Lost ever since their death metal era but also enjoyed watching them grow into something even bigger and so unique. It’s with great pleasure to finally welcome the band to the ever-growing Nuclear Blast family! Needless to say that we’re very much looking forward to this cooperation!

Now it is all on the hands of this highly appreciated band, and its talent, to release an astonishing LP under the gigantic Nuclear Blast banner.

Mike Dimitriou