1. Preoccupations – ‘Anxiety

New name, weak sound?

Fans, have no fear, the formerly known as Viet Cong Canadian four-piece are back to remind us who’s possibly the best post-punk band in the game.

After the solid, deep and passionate debut full length, the first fruit under the new moniker couldn’t have been better: starting with an ambient drone atmosphere that suddenly evolves into a gloomy threatening sharp-edged industrial mid-tempo rhythm eased by quivering synth lines, while Matt Flegel’s austere and evocative voice raves about ‘sense of urgency and unease’,  ‘cryptic and incomprehensible nightmare’, and ‘blunt humiliation’.

Preoccupations have built their own mantra in order to exorcise their own tragic demons, but the road is still long and arduous and we can’t wait to walk with them.

The self titled 9-track album will be out next September via Jagjaguwar.

Watch the haunting video below :

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. The Devil Makes Three – ‘Drunken Hearted Man’

A new record entitled ‘Redemption And Ruin’ is going to be released on August 26th from the American folk band The Devil Makes Three. ‘Drunken Hearted Man’ is a representative song of the album.

Vasiliki Koulouri

  1. DeepDark – ‘The Sewer’

Black Mara have been making a shake up for the last year in the world of dark ambient. Hailing for Russia, Black Mara are releasing albums from newer names in the genre like Sacra Fern as well as more established acts like Ugasanie. On their latest compilation ‘Gorgons Tale‘, Black Mara have recruited the talents of some of the best on their label as well as some other great artists from all over the world. One track to mention here is DeepDark’s ‘The Sewer‘.  On ‘The Sewer‘, DeepDark delivers a sinister and quite cinematic dark ambient gem.

Michael Barnett

  1. The Aqua Barons – ‘Zehra’

A few days ago The Aqua Barons released their debut album Southeast Stompers through Green Cookie records. As they admit it took them a while, but it seems that the waiting was worthwhile.

The Aqua Barons is an instrumental surf band from Greece. They manage to mix classic surf sound with Greek folkish melodies. They have already appeared in surf festivals around Europe leaving very good impressions.

Ladies and gents, enjoy The Aqua Barons!

Yiannis Apostolopoulos

  1. Allah-Las – ‘Famous Phone Figure’

Left in the void and haze of sleep, essentially semi-conscious, I felt my nostrils getting filled by the smells of the sea’s iodine, my lips had been drained of any trace of moisture, as I listened to the waves writhing on the rocks calmly and peacefully, touching them and then moving away from them, spitting and licking them, and I kept immersing in the kaleidoscopic images formed by the sun’s rays in my half-open eyelid. I felt my flesh being burnt by the sun, my sunblock being evaporated from my skin, my eyes dead by the brightness of my computer’s screen. A phone rang; it was my colleague from the office. I realized that once again I had drifted into my world, yearning, listening to Allah Las’s new song ‘Famous Phone Figure’. That was last weekend, or I may be wrong and it was last summer. It doesn’t matter; I don’t mind the time, then or now, that song was fucking awesome. I’m back.

Makis Gevros

Compiled by Fabrizio Lusso, Vasiliki Koulouri, Michael Barnett, Yiannis Apostolopoulos & Makis Gevros