Orestis Papavasiliou aka Dj/producer OreLse began his musical journey in 2007. Everything started when he showed his true potential with his first release in Musictraxx Recordings reaching the 5th position in the Top 100 charts. We can see his tracks on labels such as Sleazy Deep, Baroque Records among others well respected ones.

He has played with famous Djs such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Dave Seaman, Paul Oakenfold, EDX, Nick Warren, Herman Cattaneo. His sets are a blend of house, tech house, techno always mixed with tribal elements, disco snaps, & eerie vocals.

Come on Orestis, let us know more about OreLse. How did all start?

I was really young when it all started. I had piano lessons since the age of 12 but to be honest i was into fine arts and painting more rather than music. But one of my best friends bought me as a present Fruity loops…so i didn’t leave my house for some weeks then ! The rest is history.

How important is building a real relationship with the music you are playing for your own approach?

My genereal view is one: You cannot do anything without love. If you love something and keep practicing it, you ll get better and people will love you for it. I wouldn’t play or make music if i didn’t do it for myself. You have to live it. It’s all about the vibe.

There’s so much music out there, is it even possible to build a meaningful long term relationship with a particular track or album?

Music is a life companion. People tend to music on their hard times or their joy. Of course it’s hard to build a strong relationship but it can be done. Minds think alike and feelings can be mutual on a track or an album. It needs luck cause there is plenty of music out there, but slowly you can penetrate a person’s heart with the right tools.

One of your first and personal favourite tracks ‘Secrets’, was released back in 2010. What was on your mind when you gave birth to that sound ?

Secrets‘ is a small part of my ‘Beauty‘ album. The whole album was based on a tragic loss i had that year. I was very emotional and in a dark place for long, so i had to put that energy into something productive. I was working on my album before that, but i was stuck. Lets say it was a black spark that it made all happen. ‘Beauty‘ was released on Baroque Records had tremendous reviews by press, voted for best Chill Out album on Ministry Of Sound that year and all is dedicated to a loss. I wouldn’t know if i was to be happy or sad.

If you could eternally get stuck  in on a specific year music sound-wise which year would it be and why?

Oh for sure it would be the 60s. So good music back then, original music. They were the pionneers of what we are today, it was all about quality and originality. My all time favourite band is The Doors so please take me to the 60s!

Your most recent album ‘Mountain Tribe‘ was released in November 2017 by the label Eye Of The Owl Records. Could you tell us a bit about how this project initially begin?

Mountain Tribe‘ is one of the Eps i loved working on and it took some time. 3 tracks and 3 personal journeys these ones. ‘Mountain Tribe‘ is a strong track with Balkan sounds, tribal rhythms and a great atmosphere. On the other hand we have ‘Save The Last Hi-Hat‘ which is a pure progressive house track. Spacey sounds, melodics all the way, a journey from start to finish. Last but no least is ‘Marked‘, a pure blaster and the most groovy track of the Ep. Really a dancefloor filler suitable for any Dj that loves a phat bass and melodic structures.

Are you able to share any of your secret tricks with us?

Hmmm there is something i really love. When i make a melody i always play it on reverse. Test that and see what happens…

Apart from your night life activities, which other Greek activities/places you like to do/visit? Any favourite resting places for chilling out?

I am an easy going person to be honest. When i don’t dj i prefer to be home and make music or be with friends and family. I usually go for an easy drink at night with friends and if there is someone special Dj playing so then you ll find me there!

Tell us about your feelings supporting so many famous Djs/producers , and give us some “breaths” from one of the best…

I am really blessed cause i had the opportunity to warm up the place for many great Djs. My personal favourite though is Hernan Cattaneo who i didn’t have the chance to play along with. Some great guys i’ve met though and share the decks are, Dave Seaman, Kiko Navarro, Hector Romero, Miss Kittin, Finebassen, Nick Varron, Art Department and many others.

Photo credits: Katerina Doundoulaki

Nena Gioti