Dawn Of Ashes frontman Kristof Bathory announces his new project Bornless Fire.

After years of being asked by fans, Bornless Fire sees Kristof Bathory return to EBM/industrial. Influences from Late 80s – 2000’s Industrial imbued with the ‘divine spark’- power in every human soul, invoked through ritual & magick. This return to industrial & journey of self empowerment results in ‘Arcanum‘ A powerful, dark, concussive merging of industrial & the Left Hand Path.

I’m very excited to release the first Bornless Fire album. It’s been some time since I have wrote this style of music and I’m very pleased on how it turned out. I feel like my journey back into Industrial will open up other doors within my musical creations. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this album.-Kristof Bathory

Bornless Fire’s debut album Arcanum will be released February 23rd on Metropolis Records.

About Bornless Fire

Bornless Fire is a new industrial project from the front man of Dawn of Ashes. Bornless Fire features member from Dawn of Ashes, Bile, and Carved Souls

The description and creation for “Bornless Fire” is to reflect on the ‘divine spark’ within each human soul, which in the Left Hand Path is called “The Black Flame”. This fire has always been there within human nature and is inside each individual. The source of this power is invoked through many rituals and magick. Every human has the potential to become their own God and have communication with this power.