The ‘success’ of Last Day Deaf is that we firmly believe in new music, no matter the genre, offering our space, and energy, for emerging acts like the uncompromising electronic duo from Detroit, The Bodies Obtained. Today’s exclusive premiere belongs to ‘S’more‘ (from the duo’s upcoming ‘Mr. Tetchy’s Catch of the Day‘ album), a relentless, synth-driven gem, very much close to what we usually label as synthwave, but again there’s much more to the plot. Experienced ears may grab the late 80s electro sound references from labels such as Cleopatra Records (seminal act Din initially came in mind!), Soma Recordings‘ idm aesthetics and last but not least an intense cinematic, almost soundtrack feel from the next generation sci-fi movies, which are yet to be conceived. If you add to all the aforementioned, the dance-ability, the positivity unleashed, and the fact that it only lasts 129 seconds to unfold all these virtues, there you have it: A priceless electronic bijou for the daring ones!

Press Notes:

The Bodies Obtained have shared their new album Mr. Tetchy’s Catch of the Day, today, available now on all streaming services. This follows the May release of the album Fishtail. The Bodies Obtained’s fearless sound smashes the parameters of various electronic genres and pieces them back together into boldly original work. On the new album, bright synths populate anxious structures, grooves build and collapse into new shapes, and moments of sublime beauty push against anxious soundscapes. The album has a sense of atemporality, with vintage synth sounds being deployed in daring modern ways, discarding any nostalgia. Listen to Mr. Tetchy’s Catch of the Day here.

The group have also shared a characteristically ominous statement on the record:

the land, sea and air, Mr. Tetchy was fun but dangerous.

I remember how disappointed I was when my family moved out of the neighborhood.

My spot in the crew would be taken, and i never saw him or my other friends again.

As I look back, I’m sure the petty crimes grew bolder and my friends may not of
been lucky enough to find a path away from Mr. Tetchy.” – TBO

The Bodies Obtained’s uncompromising stance on their work extends to how they present it. Each album is a stand alone world presented with album artwork and little else, allowing the listener to inhabit that world and project their ideas onto it. By choosing not to share details of their identity or their intents with each record, they operate in a way that is antithetical to the social media age where art is frequently dumbed down and an accessory to commercial pursuits. Instead, their boldly original catalog dares us to not filter our feral creative instincts.

The project was originally conceived in Detroit, taking its name from Joy Division’s “Day of the Lords”. Their first album, From the Top of My Tree, was released in 2008 and introduced their daring compositions both heavy and transcendent. That thread continues on their most recent albums, 2017’s Eightsome which finds space for both the idyllic and the threatening and 2018’s Breakneck & Jubilee which takes its name from the characters created in the album, one contemplative and in minor chords and the other boisterous and overpowering in major chords. The Bodies Obtained resist categorization and obliterate the lines between electronic genres.