LUNACY – ‘Road To Foil’

Road To Foil‘ by LUNACY could very well be the soundtrack of an ultra dystopic, post-apocalyptic flick in which mankind barely exists, and everything it’s diminishing to absolute zero. Like an elegy for the chosen who dare take the “dark” path.  The equally ‘disturbing’ video is shot on VHS and edited through a color processor by Connor Clasen.

Like ‘Nail in the Wire‘ LUNACY proves that he’s here to stay… The song can be found on the ‘Disposition EP‘, limited edition lathe cut 7″ available from Cold Moon Records.

Worgor – ‘Flood

If you search for the perfect combination of occult, extreme metal, dark ambient and industrial, then you should definitely check out the one-man outfit from Melbourne, Worgor. The 6-minute opus ‘Flood‘ off ‘Invidious‘ EP with the asphyxiating atmosphere and the enormous blast-beats is the ideal ambassador. Take care!

Threat Machine – ‘Space Satellites Docking

Threat Machine is the brainchild of experimental electronic composer George Spanos. ‘Space Satellites Docking‘ (taken off ‘Echoes of a Butterfly‘) is a sublime ambient-drone-experimental noise track with intense sci-fi atmosphere, just like the spaceship got out of orbit, and into unknown territories, full of bizarre species. The journey is dark, but also unique and promising that there is (no) way out….

Child of Night – ‘Graves

Child of Night hail from Columbus and Pittsburgh and create dark electronic music with strong references to goth & experimental. Their style is pretty unique, -if not unclassified, and ‘Graves‘, the ending track off their ‘Neither of These Alone is Enough‘ EP is a hymn for all the “creatures of the night” who aren’t afraid to experiment on new, sonic territories. Grandiose… And this last minute, when the song literally self-destructs is extra kudos!

6th circle – ‘Asmodeus

Getting more up-tempo with the “Front 242 meets Skinny Puppy” ‘Asmodeus‘ by 6th circle; As you may have imagined, the Columbus, Ohio one-man outfit (Matt Auxier) is writing and unleashing old-school ebm/aggrotech tunes, like ‘Asmodeus‘ ideal for heating up the relevant venues. Absolute banger!

The track is selected off the ‘Conjuring‘ EP.

Kin Hana – ‘The Wolf

Brooklyn’s Aaron Carroll Hodges is Kin Hana and with ‘The Wolf‘ he has created and excellent amalgamation of doom, drone and experimental sound. Yep, this is a heavy beast, like Sleep jamming in the same studio with Popul Vuh, Difficult to get this? Just press the play button below!

The track is on ‘Au Sable‘ album, out via Hodges’ own imprint, Black Meadow.

Jaded Fields – ‘Ancestral Convictions

Estonian (Tallinn) project Jaded Fields, has just released ‘Worship‘, with just 2 tracks. The 2nd one, ‘Ancestral Convictions‘ perfectly combines minimalism, ambience with seductive string, and is 10-minute ride into an empty avenue with dim lighting. Welcome to the vacuum.

Blank Embrace – ‘restoration

restoration‘ is the 11-minute opener off ‘gossamer‘ by Russian artist Blank Embrace. 11 minutes of meditative/relaxing sonic ambience with spacey feel & warm drone, from the “outer Cosmos”. Close your eyes, and you will float on this “little fluffy cloud”… Ideal for daily ‘cosmonauts’.

Abstra – ‘Tornado Dark

Cobweb Recordings is an electronic music label based out of Denver, Colorado that focuses on many different music styles composed by Jon Ball.  Lee Nada (Abstra) yesterday released ‘Inhale Exhale‘ and ‘Tornado Dark‘ is an excellent sample of this: A trippy, glitch/idm gem like FSOL (‘ISDN‘ era) with more emphasis on experimentation. Catchy one, despite a bizarre beauty!

Okkulte Ziege – ‘Das vakuum des lebens‘ 

Sweden could just not be absent from Nocturnal Anomalies’ column, a country with tradition in dark/experimental music. ‘Das vakuum des lebens‘ by Okkulte Ziege (in eng. The vacuum of life) is exactly what its title implies: A depressive, experimental track with strong bm references (not audible though, but in attitude). Excellent guitar, and haunting spoken-word by this “could-be-in-Silent Hill-soundtrack” recording. Try this!


Nocturnal Anomalies, No.1

Nocturnal Anomalies, No.2

Curated by: Christos Doukakis