From the Greek underground come metalcore group My Inferno, with their debut ‘Inhuman EP‘. The EP contains about 22 minutes of music, and packs a punch with riffs and hits to stimulate the metal soul. Though members range in ages from mid teens to early 20’s, their budding mastery of music is evident with their time-synched, polished solid metal sound. ‘Inhuman EP‘ is evidence that My Inferno is growing to be a force to be reckoned with.

The EP contains six songs, and begins with ‘Chapter I: Inception‘. This track is a surprise move on the part of My Inferno, a dreamy soundscape that crescendos directly into an immaculate melodic guitar. The track begins the work and blends flawlessly into that metal slap you’re waiting for, ‘Dying Destiny‘. Though we have the elements of grindcore and maybe sprinkled with a little speed metal, it does not lack melody and a solid chorus.

Trigger Discipline‘ musically shares the theme of the title and is the most aggressive track on the album, a battle of snare hits. Growls, screams, and all the classic additions are present here as well for the metal fan. Fast forward to about 2:25 mark, and therein lies guitar work to run with the big boys, psyching the listener up for ‘The Fall‘. This track has lots of interesting ebbs and flows, and showcases My Inferno’s cohesiveness as a unit.

Following the latter track, is a highlight and favorite from the album and one song recommendation if you hear no other from the band. ‘Lanius‘. This particular track showcases My Inferno in a one song summary itself. ‘Inhuman EP‘ ends with ‘Lost Inside A Memory‘, which is just as solid as the rest of the album, leaving the listener looking forward to more from the band.

Though My Inferno may be newly formed, this EP does not lack meat to the bones of their music. They are a metal core band with a bright and exciting year ahead. I think we all await to see what happens next with the group.

*review based on spotify version

Malinda Mansfield