1. shame – ‘Gold Hole

Are you looking for a new fiery, stylish and beautifully snotty young British outfit that is going to shake your tired and tender bodies with their outstanding wild live performances and their highly-addicted scuzzy punky garage tunes with witty caustic social lyrics?  Brixton’s shame is your ideal band.

Gold Hole’, from the debut double a-side single by the South London’s five-piece, will take your lethargic senses by storm, an andrenaline rush of smashing bluesy guitars, sturdy overwhelming rhythm section and the Morrisonesque vocals of the charismatic frontman Charlie Steen, the story of a selfish ambitious woman that ‘she feels so dirty, she knows that it’s wrong, but she feels so good in Louis Vuitton”, the dark and insane obsession and desire of the human nature for power and control.

After a year of tragic iconic departures and too much lame and uninspiring indie rock music, finally some electrifying sparks of true rock’n’roll greatness to start the new year in great shape…Shame is definitely a band to fall in love with!

Enjoy the visuals directed by Mica Levi (aka Micachu) alongside Leah Walker, that as the band said “It’s taking the piss out of every element of a traditional music video”.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Blue Mode – ‘Push All

Blue Mode is a soul-jazz Hammond B3 funk band from Madrid. ‘Push all’ is the opening track from their debut album ‘Space Race’ album recorded at Funkameba Studios (Madrid) and released on 12th December by the French Label Atomic Soul Records. It’s a pure soul jazz funk composition influenced by artists like Reuben Wilson, Jimmy Smith, Melvin Sparks among others.

It’s live recorded with no overdubs. A soulful and powerful track while at the same time you get yourself swinging in the funky beat. If you are a soul jazz funk aficionado, well you know with what you ‘re dealing with. If you‘re not, then you’ll have to put a smile on your face, be cool and feel the beat of music all around you.

Blue Mode is:

Chip Wickham flute and tenor sax / Javier ‘Skunk’ Gómez drums/ Gabri Casanova Hammond B3 organ, clavinet & Wurlitzer piano along with: Telmo Fernandez on guitar and David Romano as special guest on congas.

Dimitris Koutoukakis

  1. Paleowolf – ‘Archaic Eon

Paleowolf is back with his second album, entitled ‘Genesis‘. Paleowolf has been gaining a lot of popularity between the dark ambient and dungeon synth communities. Scorpio V, whose main project is Metatron Omega, taps into an older more natural version of Earth. In a time before man replaced the gods. ‘Archaic Eon‘ shows a bit of the diversity that is found on ‘Genesis‘. ‘Archaic Eon‘ starts off slowly, with some field recordings and an emerging horn. Tribal drums and chants in some ancient native tongue soon fill the void, taking the listener on a journey into our past, to a time which once was, and once again may be.

Michael Barnett

  1. DMVU – ‘Bloccd

This is some heavy, filthy shit! (hope you forgive my French). Matthew Philpott-Jones aka DMVU released his ‘Bloccd EP‘ through Deep, Dark & Dangerous and this is a dubstep beast that your speakers will surely get a fine workout. Don’t hesitate, press the play button below and…

Christos Doukakis

  1. Lowly – ‘Word’

The Aarhus-based Danish collective Lowly like to wisely define their music as ‘noise pop’, a sound intense and dynamic but at the same time melodic and catchy.

Since their 2014’s debut single ‘Daydreamers’(a declaration of intent?), their songs are like a work of art both distinctive and captivating, where each sonic creation expresses deep conflicting feelings and emotions, always reaching new exciting and intricate visionary horizons in a progressive effort to forge their own signature sound.

Even in the new single ‘Word’, they’ve been able to mould synths, laptops, treated guitars and Nanna’s bewitching vocals in order to craft an impressionistic painting rich of hidden meanings and suggestions, a subtle conflict of calm and tension, semplicity and intricacy, bliss and sorrow, lights and shadows, once again an amazing modern pop song that will get you emotionally involved and enchanted.

Their long-awaited debut album ‘Heba’ via Bella Union will be out next February in time to touch and warm up our hearts from the winter hibernation.

Enjoy the beautiful video below directed by Noe Morre, a resolute statement against the absurd ‘clash of civilisations’ of our time and the urgent need of solidarity towards those in need, that are growing and growing…

Fabrizio Lusso

Compiled by Fabrizio Lusso, Dimitris Koutoukakis, Michael Barnett & Christos Doukakis