Hologram_ (Tours, France) is an electronic artist mixing idm, industrial, dark ambient elements in his art. Recently signed to Ant-Zen & Audiotrauma, a dedicated well known label in the genre, releasing his second ‘Amen : Requiem For Heart Fragment’ LP on 4th November, and going to perform live on the 17th December at Dark Sun club, Athens. We talked with him about his art and here it is…enjoy!

Hello Hologram_ , welcome to Last Day Deaf, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hologram_ is a French project of monocephalic electronic music, with multiple influences like the dubstep, idm, or even the music of film. Hologram_ took shape in 2013. A first opus appeared in 2014 ‘Geometrical Keys’ which was released in co-production with the German label Ant-Zen and the French label Audiotrauma. I have presented this first album playing all over Europe (France, Germany, Czech republic, Denmark and more…). In the meantime there was the split with Architect and Sonic AreaWe Are The Alchemists’ and In parallel of the concert I made many remixes for other projects .

Mid 2015 I shut myself up in my studio, to compose what would be the second opus ‘Amen : Requiem for Heart Fragment’.

You have recently released ‘Amen: Requiem for Heart Fragment’ via Ant-Zen, a dedicated industrial, electronics label. Are we going to listen to any collaboration with artists ‘in the house’?

For the moment it is not planned. To be honest, making collaborations is a fairly complicated exercise. Especially from a geographical point of view. But maybe another time…

On 17th December you are performing in Dark Sun club in Athens; what are we expecting to experience on that night, and what gear do you use in live performances?

Yes, I really look forward to playing in Greece. It will be the first time for me. When I go live, I bring back my own setup, which is only composed of hardware. No computer on stage. I use a sampler, a keyboard and a lot of effects.

Please share with our readers: Why did you choose that specific title for the LP, what does it mean to you, and what’s really hiding behind it?

In fact, this title can say many things at once. I like the idea of doing anybody’s own interpretation. For me, this title means a certain vision of our current world. I imagine a person, who closes his eyes, saying to himself “Amenit’s going to go well if I close my eyes it’s going to happen well it’s just a bad dream” I liked this vision a little childish. You see what I mean ?

Listening to ‘Amen: Requiem for Heart Fragment’ I found out a lot of industrial, idm and dark ambient elements, along with break rhythms and dub layers. How do you consider your musings, what “name” would you choose to describe your art?

I do not like the collage of labels. And I do not like too much to confine myself to a precise style of music “he does dubstep, he makes techno …” I prefer to fetch further sounds that have nothing to do with each other and mix them. It is a bit of a melting pot of everything that I ingurgit in terms of sound.


What is the path you take while composing?

When I compose, I need to be in a bubble where there is only the writing of the track that counts.

I need to be in an atmosphere that sticks with the spirit of the track….Feel things…

What is really inspiring an urban, electronics musician like you, in making these music environments?

The world…people… In fact all the things that surround us…And of course the music that is my main diet.

Your make non-vocal music, but as I examine your tracks’ titles, I realize that there is an idea behind them, so what are the ideas behind the names? For example, ‘Thirteen Theorems’, ‘The Manifest’, ‘Coda Sphera’ etc…

Most often when I compose a song I want to create a particular atmosphere. For example on ‘The Manifest’ I wanted to create a very stifling sound texture for the listener. Something that takes you to the guts. As a proclamation. Hence the title “the manifest” . But I imposed myself as a constraint, not to use any rhythmic.

Another example, on ‘Coda Sphera’ I wanted a circular sound texture, something that turns in a loop, which never stops. At the limit of madness but with always this side childish.

What kinds of music do you often listen to? Could you please share with us your current playlist, or other artists you are keen on?

At the moment I listen 65daysofstatic with the album ‘No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe’ It is a pure album I highly recommend. I recovered not long ago from the integral of Autechre…magic… After I listen to many Nils Frahm, Ludovico EinaudiÓlafur Arnalds, Ben Lukas Boysen, Son lux, Blanck Mass, Amon Tobin, Lorn and many more…  Also I look forward to the new Amesha Spenta coming out on Audiotrauma.

Thank you very much for the interview, last words on you!

Thanks to you, and if you want to see what it is Hologram_ live, here are the next dates

– December 17th 2016 – Athens (GR) @ Dark Sun club
– January 21th 2017 – Porrentruy (SZ) @ Muzak Les Sauvageries
– February 4th 2017 – Praha (CZ) @ Audiotrauma Fest
– April 7th 2017 – Cracovie (PL) @ Front Fabrik Fest

Photo credits: Salt Photography

Mike Dimitriou