On February 10th, Thunder will release their eleventh studio album ‘Rip It Up‘ via earMUSIC. It will feature eleven tracks and is offered by the band with great enthusiasm after the success of their previous album ‘Wonder Days‘ (2015, earMUSIC). The band’s frontman Danny Bowes comments: “After the positive reaction to ‘Wonder Days’, we were very happy, and it justified the approach we took in the writing and recording. We decided to push it further on all fronts this time, to see what happened, and I think it shows in the writing and the individual performances. We couldn’t have made this album 10 or even 5 years ago, we weren’t good enough! We’re really looking forward to playing the new tunes live alongside the more established ones.”

Rip It Up‘ track listing:

  1. No One Gets Out Alive
  2. Rip It Up
  3. She Likes The Cocaine
  4. Right From The Start
  5. Shakedown
  6. Heartbreak Hurricane
  7. In Another Life
  8. The Chosen One
  9. The Enemy Inside
  10. Tumbling Down
  11. There’s Always A Loser

Mary Kalaitzidou