Today brings the release of the ‘Shedhead’ EP by Welsh electronic crafter R. Seiliog via Turnstile. While not a beginner music maker (this is his third release), this is the first music release I have actually heard from him.

Electronic producer R. Seiliog (a.k.a. Robin Edwards) is from North Wales. He released the ‘In HZ‘ album in 2014, which won him accolades in many of Britain’s most prestigious publications, including The Guardian.

With five tracks on offer here, he starts the mood off in a calming way with ‘Myopia’ and moves into the masthead of this release – a track called ‘Cloddio Unterdach’. ‘Hyni In The Hivemind’ is another standout track on this EP with fairy-like sounds resembling the cascading of water. Soothing and shimmering synths offer a sublime element of wonder.

While other tracks are pleasant, the ones mentioned above struck me the most. ‘Psylent Cluster’ makes for a great completion to round out the album. All five tracks considered, it’s clear that Edwards is a sound shapeshifter, this would make a trippy soundtrack for relaxing passenger-friendly next-century space and a feeling of weightlessness.

R.Seiliog combines elements of numerous other artists I also appreciate, including Squarepusher, Plaid, Autechre, and Aphex Twin. Ranging from downtempo electro bliss to outright ambient, Edwards forges together pulsing elements of kosmische influenced electronics, skittering psych splattered samples, informed by un-shifting krautrock time signatures. On that note, I plan to now listen to his earlier work.

Shauna McLarnon