Maximum High is a Greek rock band based in Athens, which incorporates funk, dub, dance and punk sounds, aiming and determined to bring “Rock back to the forefront of music”. Its members have a long service in the Greek scene and they are Irene Dimopoulou (vocals – see also Swing Shoes, The Earthbound, Hi Rollers and Dustbowl), Thanos Amorginos (guitar, ex-The Last Drive and The Earthbound), Nikos Zogrados (drums-founding member of Closer), and Panos Tomaras (bass- also in Honeydive, Engine, The Earthbound, Swing Shoes, Happy Dog Project). On November 10th they perform at ILION Plus in Athens, so we found the opportunity to ask Maximum High a few questions.

What drove you το form Maximum High? Tell us also how do you know each other and what made you band together?

We formed Maximum High because we enjoy playing music together. We have all known each other for a long time, we are friends and we have played together in the past in other bands, so it is like it was meant to be. We got together in the studio and started jamming and writing songs.

In your official page you state that you want to “bring Rock back to the forefront of music”. What makes you think rock music is left behind?

Rock music hasn’t been in the charts for a long time. It has been replaced by manufactured bands. We like the power and simplicity of the classic 4 member lineup. Vocals, guitar, bass and drums.

Last November you released your first EP ‘Maximum High‘. Was it created based on fresh ideas as the four of you begun working together, or did each of you contributed with stuff you already had in mind?

All of our songs are written by everyone in the studio. We start jamming to come up with ideas and then arrange them into songs.

Do you share common musical influences and which are they (bands or genres)?

We all grew up on Rock music and have common influences. Each one brings to the table things like indie rock, punk, funk, etc.

Being musicians for a long time – playing, collaborating and participating-, how do you evaluate the situation today, locally and abroad? Do you miss the old times, or are you satisfied with how things are evolving?

Every era has its own advantages. Nowadays, there are more competent bands than before, plus it’s easier for artists today to distribute their music internationally via Internet.


Are you working on new material and can you say about when are you planning a new release?

We are constantly working on new material and plan to release a vinyl edition of our first E.P. and an L.P. next year.

On November 10th you perform at ILION Plus in Athens along with Dead Sidewalkers. What will the audience expect to listen from you?

High energy rock beats. Powered to the max!

Are there more live shows to come in Athens and even in other cities?

When we release the vinyl, we’ll book more live shows to promote it.

Thank you for your time! Close this interview as you will.

Thank you and we expect to see you in our next show, on November 10th at ILION Plus.

Photo credits: Milo (Dimitris Milonas)

Mary Kalaitzidou