Last Day Deaf is excited to announce that is the Media Partner for the 10th November live appearance of all-star band Maximum High (its members have served in bands like The Last Drive, The EarthboundCloserHoneydive, Engine, The Earthbound, Swing Shoes, Happy Dog Project among others) with another all-star one group Dead Sidewalkers (Rockin’ Bones, The Eartbound, False Alarm, Widow Pit, Sugah Galore, Mama Sings Fire, Off), that will take place at ILION Plus, Athens, Greece.

This is an All-star game, you don’t wanna miss…

The event is organised by the restless Merlin’s Music Box.

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Maximum High – Bio

Vibrant, dynamic and extremely innovative – Maximum High delivers complete entertainment through wild & untamed Rock-music that incorporates Funk, Dub, Dance & Punk sounds into their own identifiable, signature-style. With sincerely driven passion aimed at making the most of every moment and creating something truly special with their anything-goes mentality and DIY approach – Maximum High is confidently stepping into the independent-scene determined & ready to bring Rock back to the forefront of music and the top of playlists worldwide.
Based out of Athens, Greece – Maximum High is: Irene Dimopoulou (Vocals), Thanos Amorginos (Guitar), Panos Tomaras (Bass) and Nick Zografos (Drums). As the name implies Maximum High is better listened to on Maximum High levels!

Dead Sidewalkers – Bio

The Dead Sidewalkers came out of the – practically non-existent – sidewalks of Athens in September 2016.

Eventually, they had to get out on the streets, following on the steps and sounds of artists from the US and Australian punk and garage rock scenes; however, they refuse to be pigeonholed or labeled. They’ re all seasoned veterans and hope to keep on playing forever.

The Dead Sidewalkers are a tight group of musicians and wish to remain as such, because they like it.

They are:
Spyros Doulgeridis – drums & vocals (ex-Rockin’ Bones, The Eartbound, and False Alarm)
Harry Gelestathis – lead vocals (ex-Rockin’ Bones, Widow Pit)
Konstantinos Kopanakis – guitar (ex-False Alarm)
Theodoris Stavrianos – bass (ex-Sugah Galore, Mama Sings Fire, Off)

The Dead Sidewalkers are currently writing material for an album and preparing for live gigs.