Man’s biggest difference from animals is that he shows his feelings in many ways. One of these ways is by language, other ways include hugs, kisses and many more.

It’s in our nature to have feelings and to show them, because we also have a mind and thoughts that are too big to fill our little head. These feelings, is what man is made of.

(Thoughts on the other way is what man is becoming or what man wants to become, however thoughts are not my subject now).

So, speaking about feelings, we all know how beautiful it is to show how much we love someone, our kids, our life partners by hugging them, kissing them etc. It’s human nature to expose all the good feelings we have, just like it is to expose the bad feelings we have: If someone is pissed off or he just had a big argument with someone else, then they also show their feelings, but in a bad way.

Still, like them or not, these are feelings too.

It is often we want to show our love in a way but nothing seems good enough; I mean no matter how much you want to hug (for example) your kid, you see that it’s not enough. No matter how many good words you say to your kid, you know that there are no words that can satisfy you.

I believe that whenever we show our love, deep in our minds we think that it’s not enough. Not only for those who show their love, but also for us. Of course human is not a perfect animal, but still, how many of you wished that you had more feelings to show?

And …what if you could?

First of all, are you ready for that? To show or to receive feelings in a way that you had ever felt before? Let’s say that you are or that you will.

Would you take a pill if that pill can magnify your feelings? A pill that is ABSOLUTELY SAFE, not a narcotic. Would you take that? Would you think “why not feel the pleasure of feelings in forms that I had never felt?

If you do, and felt like you never felt before let’s say when you hug your kid, or when you make love to your partner, will you ever think that these feelings are right or will you think that these feeling are false?

And let’s say that this pill can show you your big feelings, which might be different from a person to another. Would you consider this progress? Something that technology can provide? Don’t forget that I speak for a pill ABSOLUTELY SAFE, not a narcotic.

Would you fight it or would you accept it? I mean, when someone (in this case it is the pill) shows to you that you feel in a minor way, how easy it will be for you to accept …the truth of the pill? I believe many of us will be skeptical not only for the pill but mostly for themselves. It’s now easy to know that “someone” knows you better than you, especially when that someone is a pill.

Of course, on the other hand, let’s say that we can take a pill that minimized our feelings.

For example, when we mourn the loss of a loved one, would we take the pill just to make us feel the pain a little less or would we want to feel the pain in all its magnitude?

When a loss is unbearable, is it worthy to get it down?

And what if this pain is a pain that we do want to minimize? For example, someone who just got fired: Would it be better for him to feel it in a small way and have a clear mind for what comes after that?
There are many categories, from a person who is about to sit for an examination, to a person who is about to make a robbery.

As an epilogue, are we ready to discover our inner feelings? Are we ready to face them even if there is a slight possibility for them to completely disappoint us or make us feel on edge?

Do we choose that or choose the way that we are?

Konstantinos Pamfiliss