Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Gabriel Giacoppo – ‘Cry Wolf’

About Gabriel Giacoppo

Gabriel Giacoppo is a pop singer and songwriter from San Francisco. With melodic vocals, he expresses uplifting messages and emotional honesty to a generation where they are so often hidden. He is trained in both classical and contemporary vocals, which he fuses into his unique pop style. Gabriel currently pursues his musical ambitions in New York, having just released his debut single Cry Wolf.

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Pizza Daddy – ‘Family Time’

About Pizza Daddy

After spending the last 5 years in dream pop band BOYS and playing shows in the UK, Europe and America with the likes of Fake Laugh, Trudy & The Romance, Lowly & Sasami. Founding members Ross Pearce & Mike Stothard are taking a break and starting their new project Pizza Daddy.

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Muyinza – ‘Man’

About Muyinza

Muyinza is an emotionally honest hip hop artist whose goal is to create music that helps people find freedom within their authentic selves.

Born in Uganda, Muyinza grew up surrounded by music. He and his family emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the mid 1990s where Muyinza’s parents, due to a heart problem from birth, immediately steered him towards music. He was enrolled in piano lessons at the age 6 and in drum lessons two years later. After losing his mother to cancer in the early 2000s, Muyinza and his family relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, where Muyinza began making his own music. This new pursuit led Muyinza to learn to DJ and ultimately to make his own beats. He then began songwriting as well, having also discovered an affinity for words and poetry. Through music, he discovered that he was able to better process some of the emotionally jarring events of his life and that he wanted to share his music with others in the hope of helping people in similar circumstances.

Muyinza started recording in the studio at the age of 15 and released his first few songs while still in high school. He then continued his musical career in college, releasing 2 full-length albums (“Scrap Paper”, “No Idea”) in addition to 2 mixtapes and winning multiple awards at the Boston Music Conference while earning his degree in Music Industry. Eager to reach as many fans as possible, Muyinza pursued every opportunity to perform, including headlining student showcases and opening for Mike Posner and Big Sean in 2010. After graduating, Muyinza wrote, recorded and released 3 EPs (“Strobelights and Stars”, “Spotlights and Scars”, “Passion”). He achieved his biggest success yet with “Passion”, reaching 300,000+ streams on Spotify.

Over the next few years Muyinza focused on music full-time. He moved to Los Angeles in mid 2017 to learn the industry. After spending spending two years Muyinza has now returned to Boston to launch his career for what feels like the first time. With his album “Beautiful Mess” coming first quarter or 2020, Muyinza is back for the first time.

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Petter Carlsen – ‘I Love the Way You See the World’

About Petter Carlsen

Hailing from the far north of Norway’s Arctic circle, Alta, Petter Carlsen creates his own unique mix of alt-rock and indie-pop without limits; his atmospheric, melancholic sound infuses elements of jazz, drum machines, progressive rock, and classical instrumentation, feeling at home alongside folk, pop, rock, and metal.

Born in 1979, he became fascinated by the energy of Metallica and felt the need to play. At the age of 15, “Fade to Black“ was the key that started his drive to create music. In 2006, he published his first EP “A Taste of What’s to Come“ – and the name kept its promise…

After meeting with British prog-rockers Anathema, Petter became the opening act on their tour in 2010. He brought his first album “You Go Bird“ with him through Europe with a fantastic reception. Since then Petter has toured numerous times in the Netherlands,Germany, UK and France.

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Mayten – ‘Glacial’

About Mayten

Mayten is a Latvian artist, producer and DJ based in Seattle, making unique listenable electronic music. His music is inspired by both downtempo and dance music, trying to find the balance between experimental and driving, emotional yet breezy. His music has been featured by Music Connection Magazine and blogs like Stereofox, and Mayten currently hosts a live radio show on Seattle’s 104.9FM.

Mayten self released an album in 2016, and two singles in early 2017, and a third single in late 2017 via Dance and Rave Records. It was the label’s fourth release. His last few singles have been reviewed on Hype Machine blogs such as Stereofox, The Walk to Work, and Music Ninja. Mayten’s music was also reviewed very well in the November 2017 issue of Music Connection Magazine, and they later named him in their Top 25 Prospects of 2017. He also hosts a monthly live radio show on Seattle’s local Hollow Earth Radio 104.9 FM, focusing on experimental downtempo electronic music, called Tectonic Electronic.

Mayten released a new 4-song EP on February 23rd via Straight Up! Records. The EP starts with a more laid back track, followed by a more experimental and dynamic track, and then two more house/techno inspired songs. It’s his attempt at capturing the emotional turmoil of 2017, during which he became a father, and also lost his own father to suicide.

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Farski – ‘Iodine’

About Farski

Farski was born in Chicago during the 1996 NBA Finals. Music was a solitary constant grounding a childhood split between Paris, Houston and Lagos. Deeply drawn to rap by the self-confidence of Tyler the Creator; Farski evolved from a timid teenager into a bass lyricist. Citing his major influences as Kanye West, Skepta, Korn and Childish Gambino, Farski delivers introspective yet captivating songs in a style that has been described as musical potpourri.

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Tasha Angela – ‘Undescribable Feeling’

About Tasha Angela

Her passion for making music began at the early age of 11, performing at school recitals, writing poems and singing along to her favourite songs on her way to school. It was in these moments that Tasha Angela discovered her passion for singing and began to develop her sound. Drawing inspiration from Alicia Keys, India Arie, Will I Am and Lady Gaga she was drawn to R&B and soul because in her words: “that’s the way that it translates into with the words and melodies that I hear in my head.” Tasha Angela dedicates the majority of her time to developing and perfecting her songwriting craft – she actively studies those who have come before her and is constantly refining her practice to determine what a great song is.

Tasha treats her ability to create music as a form of healing, “I feel as though it’s the one thing that truly excites me when I wake up. When I hear a melody in my head and put the keys behind it and words to follow, it’s as if I can capture certain moments and make them last forever,” she tells us.

In early 2019, Tasha Angela connected with Toronto based music industry and community leader Gavin Sheppard at Jessie Reyez’ song writing camp. Taken by her sound and talent, Gavin introduced Tasha to Dan Kurtz (Dragonette & The New Deal) and his studio, The Asylum, in the spring of 2019. It was at The Asylum that Tasha finally found a collaborative musical home. It was also at The Asylum that Tasha began working and recording the majority of her “Hidden Gems EP” in earnest with producer/arranger Sam “Avenue” Willows (Carousel, Dragonette, Tokyo Police Club). This body of work also includes one single “Up To You” – which was produced by Juno Award winner, Rich Kidd at the Jessie Reyez writing camp. All the songs are mixed by Howie Beck (Feist, Dragonette, Charlotte Day Wilson).

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Trizz – ‘Book of Life’

About Trizz

Trizz, born Arthur “Tre” Lea III, is a self-released rapper based out Los Angeles/Inland Empire, California. The young rapper became an avid music aficionado at an early age, first picking up a microphone at the tender age of nine. Growing up in the suburbs of the Inland Empire, Hip-Hop became a way for Trizz and his neighborhood friends to escape boredom and the simplicities of living life on the outskirts. As his writing skills developed, Trizz perfected his lyrical skill and began producing his own beats and mixtapes under the moniker “Young Trizz”. His debut full-length EP, titled “Young Trizz”, demonstrates the journey of an independent artist looking to lead ahead of the pack.
2012 marked a new start for Trizz, when Sacramento Horrorcore legend Brotha Lynch Hung took notice to him via Twitter. Lynch went on to take Trizz under his wing, taking him out on 2 tours, the “Independent Powerhouse Tour” with Tech N9ne and the rest of Strange Music in 2013 and again in 2014 for the “Sicc of Da Industry Tour” even giving Trizz two writing credits on his album “Mannibalector” with the song “MDK” and “Bacon & Eggs (Skit)”.

Trizz has 8 self-released solo projects with the latest being “Ashes N Dust” released in December 2017, where the full album is produced by his go to producer and friend AC3 Beats.
Going Back to 2013, Trizz linked up with another Sacramento MC Chuuwee. Together they released the albums “AmeriKKa’s Most Blunted 1 and 2”, the “Two Puff Pass” EP and the “Smoke Out” EP which received positive reviews being covered by sites like Complex Magazine, HipHopDX, Mass Appeal, Stereogum and 2Dopeboyz. The two have started a collective called “Break Bread Posse” with their producer AC3 Beats and engineer/producer Moni Beatz.

In July of 2016, Chuuwee & Trizz announced their new podcast on Strange Music’s Dash Radio station “Independent Grind” called the “Game & Smoke Gallery” and can be heard every other Thursday.
As a live performer Trizz has been keeping quite busy, appearing on the Independent Powerhouse US Tour 2017 with Tech N9ne & Brotha Lynch Hung as well as the Hearing Colours European Tour with the CunninLynguists.

Now at the age of 26, Trizz is set to take the industry by storm completely independent with an outlandish and distinctive style.

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Vanity Fairy – ‘All Time Baby’

About Vanity Fairy

Vanity Fairy is the new solo project of solo artist Daisy Capri.

Her debut EP ‘Lust For Dust’ was written and mostly recorded at her home, with Capri co-producing everything alongside collaborators Sammy Yamaha and Simon Byrt (Pixx, Babeheaven).

Her music has variously been described as ‘nostalgic fantasy’; ‘post-disco for the post-everything generation’; ‘sentimental sleaze-core’; ‘saccharine, smokey pop with slick jazzy overtones’.

She describes her music as ‘sincerely sentimental. I’m trying to make myself remember memories I don’t necessarily have; feel things I don’t necessarily feel; believe in the unbelievable’.

Christos Doukakis