Magenta: is a color that is variously defined as purplish-red, reddish-purple, or mauvish–crimson.

Magenta Flaws: Magenta Flaws is a 5 membered band, full of flaws and magenta shades.

Along with ‘our’ Playground Theory they are appearing live this Sunday, March 26, at Romantso. This double bill should be a unique experience, so be there. In the meantime, go ahead and read this very interesting live chat we had we the band…

Hello Magenta Flaws! Welcome to Last Day Deaf. Feel free to introduce the band to our readers….

Hello readers of Last Day Deaf! We are Magenta Flaws, an Athenian 5 member band, full of flaws and magenta shades.

Unavoidable one: Why magenta then?

Coincidence. Nevertheless,  it’s a color that combines light and obscurity at the same time. We think our music does too.

Listening to your latest recording ‘Corridor‘ I can clearly say that it contains many 90’s aesthetics, and reflects in general the vibe of that era, sounding at the same time modern and up to date. Would you agree with this?

Totally agree. We couldn’t have said it better.

Trip hop is one of the main elements. Which artists do you think influenced you mostly for ‘Corridor‘ then? Trip-hop ones?

For sure Bristol Trip – hop scene was one of the strongest influences. But there were many other artists that influenced us, maybe not so notable when someone listens to our music. From Pink Floyd to The Cure, from Pearl Jam to Fat Freddy’s Drop.

The homonym track (the only one written by Vasilis Batalas), think contains a special story behind it. True?

We think that every song in this album contains  a special story. But maybe the track ‘Corridor’ contains a truth and a feeling that surrounds every other story of the album. And we much thank Vasilis for these meaningful lyrics.

In what way do you think ‘Corridor‘ differentiates from your two previous albums ‘Landscape‘ & ‘Liebe‘? And why this 8 year interval?

We wouldn’t call the previous ones as “Albums”. They were mostly “live recordings” based on ambient sounds, that came out so unique, that we decided to publish them.

We wouldn’t call it an “interval” neither. At the beginning, as a band we only recorded long hour length tracks that had a psychedelic approach

it was only 4 years ago I think that we decided to experiment on making “tracks”. Many ideas that we had from the past, became tracks that are included on ‘Corridor’. Like ‘S117’ for example.

So yes, we think it was more like a progression than an interval.


What about this Sunday’s performance at Romantso with Playground Theory? What should we expect?

It’s a wonderful feeling playing along with Playground Theory. We think we are both bands that focus on “Atmosphere” more than anything else. So that we think will be the main element on Sunday’s live.

Apart from the music though, Playground theory are simple people that love what they do. We believe we are too, and this is also an element that will bind us on stage

Something different form last month’s sold out gig at Death Disco?

Although the tracks will be these of ‘Corridor’, we are sure it will be a whole different gig. And perhaps a song in line for the 2nd album may appear.

No label for ‘Corridor‘. Was it a deliberate decision or you couldn’t find what you were looking for your debut release?

We can say that it was a decision that became deliberate. It was network Vs freedom. We chose freedom, but there are costs to pay. Literally and metaphorically.


And what about a physical release?

We have also released the album as CD. For now, someone could find it in our gigs and soon is going to be available through our website as well.

Great news! Didn’t notice this on your Bandcamp page to be honest. “..Live and love in Athens…”. Still?


Is Athens an inspiration for Magenta Flaws?

Athens is a place full of contradictions. From building structures to cultural elements. Apart from that, these last “crisis” years, have made Athens the center of the world in a manner of speaking. We think Athens right now, is the place where the signs of “evolution” first appear. So to answer to your question, yes, a city full of inspiration.

Glad to hear this! Totally agree. What holds the rest of 2017 for you then?

Our primary goal is to perform as many live gigs as possible. It’s something that we love to do and is something that we need to do, in order to get ‘Corridor’ out there. At the same time though, when we meet as a band, we are working on sounds for our 2nd album.

Playing abroad also part of your plans?

Yes of course. Though it is something much more complicated. Hopefully this will come too at the right time.

Thank you very much for your time. Kept this one for the end. Is Magenta Flaws mainly a personal project or a band thing?

Totally a band thing.

Thank you very much as well.

Photo credits: Dimitrios Sarantopoulos (2nd one)

Christos Doukakis