Krause is a Greek noise rock band created in 2015 in Athens on the base of the relative underground scene. Their debut album ‘2am Thoughts’ was released late February as a collaboration between Riot Season (E.U. and worldwide) and 3 Shades Of Black (Greece). On July 15 and 16 they will share the stage with many other bands in the New Long Fest 2017.

Krause is a collaboration between various bands’ members of the Greek underground scene. What inspired you to create Krause and what is your vision about the band?

Hello. We are all fans of the 90’s in general and 90’s noise rock in particular. We also really wanted to play something that we really enjoy that’s unrelated to what we have been doing with other bands we have been or are currently involved in.

The bands you come from (VULNUS, Cut off, Rita Mosss, Casual Nun, Progress Of Inhumanity, Dusteroid, and Straighthate) represent the extreme sound, from brutal death metal to punk and -core. Some musicians claim that their musical influences aren’t necessarily obvious in their work. Does this apply to Krause as well?

We’re not out to reinvent the wheel. It’s easy to see where Krause comes from stylistically, despite the amount of variety we display within that basic framework. At the same time we don’t track with nitpickers and all those who need to reduce bands to the influences they think they hear in their music.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to ask if you think core (hardcore, grindcore, etc.) is dead. Some sources from the US claim that this fashion was created by a bunch of kids who wanted to impress without actually having any particular musical skills. Is there the other side of the coin about this matter?

As grindcore and hardcore fans we find this question pointless. This is a non-issue.

In your profile you state that your collective contempt for this world had as a result your debut album 2am Thoughts’. What are the main things and situations that made you feel this way? Is it anger or disappointment, or both?

We do not like people.

Do you see music as a kind of weapon? Some say is something that makes you escape reality. How does it work for you?

Not as effective as a blunt weapon to the head but hey.

What is your lyrical theme in this album? Are the lyrics just thoughts or do they derive from your daily experiences?

See above.

On 15-16 July you appear at the 2-day New Long Fest 2017. You will share the stage with quite a few considerable Greek bands. Is this your first live since the release of your debut album?

We’ve played a few times since then.

Thank you very much for your time! Close this interview as you will!

Thanks for having us. We hope to see some of you at the fest. We promise to be at least as brutal as the mid-July heat.

Mary Kalaitzidou