Which 8 current gems will make it on this Hip Cassette round-up? Plug that rusty tape player in, press play and make sure you keep notes…

by Christos Doukakis


Nouveau Arcade

‘Summer Is Over’


Dave Koda & Isaac Zale

‘Losing Myself’

bedroom pop/hip-hop

Posh Chocolates

‘All I Am’

bedroom pop

Mt. Misery

‘The Thought of Losing You’

lo-fi rock/indie pop



‘Battle Off Me’

instrumental hip-hop/lofi

P*Nut & Franz Job

‘Wake Up’ (feat. Qua)


Nadia Kamrath

‘Fever Dream’

indie folk/indie pop

Sleep Surgeon


downtempo/UK garage

I started playing violin because I was fascinated by how violin players could play so fast. I would buy their cassettes, and learn different concertos, but then I started rounding out my collection. My dad was a big jazz fan, so I just started hearing a lot more soul music. I loved Little Stevie Wonder, and I got really into him as a singer and a writer as I got older.

Toby Lightman