We feel excited tonight for hosting the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf of Merry Cherry Bomb‘s upcoming ‘Afterglow‘ (officially out on July 6th). The first thing that came in mind after pressing the play button was 80’s-90s 4AD, and in particular the more ethereal period of great Cocteau Twins. Merry Cherry Bomb (aka April Hottenrott) will carry you away into a bewitching sphere full of neon lights, lo-fi psychedelia and dream pop catharsis. Hope you are ready to enter a colorful world of sunlight and love… Utterly adorable!

Press Notes: 

Listen to Afterglow by Merry Cherry Bomb and you will certainly be carried away to other places. Where you go is up to you and all that you are over how many years, hours and seconds you have existed on this earth but the organic dreamscape that singer songwriter April Hottenrott creates will make you float away.

This new single by Merry Cherry Bomb; Afterglow, was written after a trip to New Orleans, essentially a musical translation of the vibe and spirit of the city and people even after artist April Hottenrott had returned back to Boston where most of the song was recorded. The song captures not only the feeling she felt while she was there, but the unmistakable feeling of love and  cosmic harmony between two people.